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Tuesday, 21st October 2014

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Defending students and their representatives from the attacks of the pro-war lobby

14th October 2014

peace not war

Over the past week, people who support the current US/UK bombing campaign in Iraq have attacked those who are against the imperialists’ intervention. As part of a campaign to build support for the West’s military operations in the Middle-East the anti-war position is being caricatured.

The anti-war and peace movements in Britain oppose the bombing. The bombing of Iraq and Syria is already leading to civilian deaths and widespread destruction. The anti-war position is being deliberately misrepresented as a demonstration of support for the terrorist group ISIS. On the contrary, the West and its military campaigns have been responsible for the creation and current growth of this terrorism, and the bombing campaign will exacerbate this situation - which is one of the reasons why the anti-war movement opposes the bombing.

Progressive Students Forum 2014 report: building a fighting student movement

9th October 2014

International - view of the room

Last weekend’s Progressive Students Forum brought together a wide range of groups and people from across the student movement and discussed the serious ways in which the broad left in the student movement can deliver on our key priorities of fighting racism & bigotry, standing up for international peace and justice and for an alternative to austerity and cuts.

Conference: Building the national student movement for Palestine

9th October 2014

Palestine demo

This weekend on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October student activists from campuses across the country will be gathering in Sheffield a national conference to discuss and plan ‘Building the National Student Movement for Palestine’. Come along and join the discussion!

Don’t bomb Iraq & Syria – student leaders join national statement

26th September 2014

Stop the war

MPs, trade unionists, senior student leaders, campaigners, writers, filmmakers and actors have signed a united statement against the bombing of Iraq & Syria – outlining that such an attack will only strengthen terrorism.

Camden School for Girls: defend a woman’s right to choose – no to Islamophobia!

25th September 2014

Camden School for Girls

We condemn Camden School for Girls Sixth Form’s decision to ban a 16-year-old student from studying at the school as she wears a niqab. A niqab is worn by some Muslim women, as part of their religious practice.

Defend a woman’s right to wear what she chooses – oppose Islamophobia – sign the petition calling on Camden School for Girls to reverse their decision now.

AGENDA: Progressive Students Forum 2014 – fighting austerity, racism, climate change & war

25th September 2014

Pro students profile picture

Student Broad Left and the National Black Students’ Alliance are proud to present the 'Progressive Students Forum: Fighting austerity, racism, climate change and war’ – taking place on Saturday 4 October 2014 from 10am at 'Student Central' (formerly the University of London Union).

NUS supports free education national demo & pledges to mobilise for TUC demo!

16th September 2014

10,000 march on NUS demo2012

Today the NUS National Executive voted to support the national demonstration for free education which is taking place on Wednesday 19 November. NUS also decided to mobilise for a strong contingent of students to join the TUC national demonstration which is taking place on Saturday 18 October.

Why I am joining The People’s Climate March, and why ALL STUDENTS need to be there too!

12th September 2014

Peoples Climate March 2014

Matt Sellar, student of International Environment and Climate Change Law at Edinburgh University, looks ahead to the People’s Climate March and explains why students should join with thousands of people on the streets of London on Saturday 21 September to demand action on climate change.

No more racist police killings! Demonstration at the US Embassy

27th August 2014

London protest No more racist police killings

Join the 'Hands Up! Don't Shoot' protest outside the US Embassy in London - show solidarity with Mike Brown and your opposition to racist police killings. The protest is being organised by Stand Up To Racism.

National Union of Students backing Palestine, backing the boycott

8th August 2014


By Aaron Kiely, NUS NEC

The National Union of Students – which represents 7 million students in the UK – have voted to condemn Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza, demand the siege on Gaza is lifted, demand the UK government stop arming Israel and call upon the student movement to boycott companies and corporations that facilitate Israel’s military capacity, human rights abuses and illegal settlement activity.

Viva Palestina: Latin America in solidarity with Gaza

8th August 2014

Chavez Palestine

In contrast with western complicity with Israel’s attack on Gaza, Venezuela and its allies are offering concrete help to Palestine, says Matthew Willgress of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. This article was first published in the Morning Star.

National Demo for Gaza – Saturday 9 August

7th August 2014

National demo GAZA august 14

National demo for Gaza Stop the killing - end the siege - US & UK stop arming Israel now! Saturday 9 August Assemble at midday outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA For march to Hyde Park via the US Embassy

Why NUS should oppose Israel’s assault on Gaza & join the growing global movement in solidarity with Palestine

4th August 2014


Today the National Executive Council of the National Union of Students will be debating Palestine and the student movement’s response to Israel’s ongoing horrific assault on Gaza. NUS National Executive member Aaron Kiely explains why NUS should back justice for Palestine.

British students stand with Gaza against Israel’s assault & siege: statement from over 100 student leaders

30th July 2014

Palestine flag

On 29 July 2014, the student movement issued a powerful united statement in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Amongst the signatories are National Union of Students Officers representing millions of students across Britain and over 100 pro-Palestine student leaders and activists from colleges and universities. The statement follows a wide array of solidarity activities that have taken place in recent weeks in protest of Israel’s brutal offensive in Gaza.

Oxford University student Barnaby Raine takes on argument that opposition to Israel is anti-Semitic

30th July 2014

Barnaby Raine, a student from Oxford University and one of the organisers of the Jewish Bloc that marched on the London demonstration for Gaza in July 2014 was interviewed about allegations of anti-Semitism on pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Sky News. Here we share the video of his interview.