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Wednesday, 1st April 2015

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Statement: Students of Britain and Ireland in solidarity with Venezuela

31st March 2015

US go home

Student leaders in Britain and Ireland stand in solidarity with Venezuela, against US aggression.

Solidarity with the LSE & UAL occupation – protest TODAY to stop the cuts!

25th March 2015

UAL Occupation

For over one week students at LSE have been staging an occupation of their campus for free education, whilst students at University of the Arts London have been occupying for 7 days to stop massive cuts to further education courses.

Students Stand Up To Racism, Islamophobia & fascism – National Demo Sat 21 March!

17th March 2015

Join Student Broad Left in standing up to racism on the national demo against racism, Saturday 21 March 2015.

Stand Up To Racism

Time To Act – National Climate Demo Saturday 7 March

6th March 2015

Time to act

On Saturday 7 March thousands of people will be marching through the streets of London to demand urgent action to tackle the international climate change crisis.

Student Broad Left will be joining the Student Assembly and People's Assembly Against Austerity on the 'no austerity - green jobs now' bloc.

NUS Conference Model Motions 2014 – free education, anti-racism, Palestine and climate change

17th February 2015

NUS National Conference

Here are some model motions for NUS National Conference 2015. We are supporting the Student Assembly Against Austerity’s model motions on range of issues from free education to opposing racist scapegoating and we have also drafted a two other important motions on Palestine and climate change.

NUS National Conference 2015 takes place in April and is the place where next year’s policies and priorities for the national student movement are decided.

Every Students’ Union has the right to submit policies – and every student has the right to put forward policies you want your Students’ Union to be putting forward.

IRELAND: Choices for 2015 and Beyond

4th February 2015

Sinn Fein Syriza

By Joe Dwyer, Liverpool University student

How Sinn Fein delivers for Students and Young people north and south & details for Sinn Fein’s upcoming London Public Briefing on the 11th February.

Demonstrate – No to Fascist Marine Le Pen at the Oxford Union! Oxford Union – rescind the invitation!

4th February 2015

No platform to Le Pen

Protest outside Oxford Union - Thursday 5th February - No to Fascist Marine Le Pen!

Fund education not Trident – join the mass demo in London on Sat 24 January

22nd January 2015

Wrap up Trident

On Saturday 24 January CND is organising a mass protest in London against government plans to spend £100 billion replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system.

We say instead of nuclear weapons of mass destruction - fund free education, stop the cuts and bring back EMA!

Student Broad Left’s top 10 highlights of 2014

8th January 2015

Great photo of the demo

What a year 2014 has been. Not only did we stop the sell off of student’s loans, but a whole new movement for free education was born.  In the same year as students joined the biggest ever demonstrations against the war on Gaza, NUS has taken a stand against the new US/UK war on Iraq and Syria. And the tide of racism both here and in the US is being challenged by a movement that is not afraid to take to the streets.

Here’s Student Broad Left’s top ten highlights from 2014 that show if we fight together, we win together.

Solidarity with Warwick students – police brutally evict peaceful ‘free education’ sit in

4th December 2014

Warwick student tear gassed

Students at Warwick University that were staging a peaceful sit in on their campus, as part of a national day of action for free education, were violently attacked by police with tear gas and threatened with tasers.

An emergency ‘End Police Violence Against Students #CopsOffCampus’ protest has been called today at 3.30pm, outside Senate House at the Warwick University where the police brutality took place.

For left unity in the NUS elections 2015

2nd December 2014

Unity is strength NUS banner

Student Broad Left supports the creation of a united left, anti-austerity, anti-racist slate for the NUS elections which take place at National Conference in April 2015. We will be working hard, in discussions with other prominent groups on the student movement, to achieve this goal because we believe that our enemy is the right wing not each other.

End demand for sexual exploitation – why NUS must join the women’s movement & campaign for the Sex Buyer Law

2nd December 2014

End Demand Campaign

A new campaign has been launched calling on the UK government to end demand for sex trafficking and exploitation through prostitution by adopting the Sex Buyer Law.

On Wednesday 3 December, the National Union of Students (NUS) National Executive will debate a very controversial motion which calls for the campaign to ‘End Demand’ for sexual exploitation be opposed. The motion resolves to “campaign against any attempt to introduce the Nordic Model into the UK.”

Student Broad Left calls upon members of the NUS National Executive to reject this motion and instead rally behind the vital ‘End Demand’ campaign instead. As students we should play our part in the movement to end sexual exploitation and the endemic violence against women associated with the ‘sex industry’.

43 Disappeared Students in Mexico meeting

19th February 2015

Public meeting on human rights in Mexico following the disappearances of 43 students.

Showing Solidarity with Those Building A Better World in Latin America

25th November 2014

Student Broad Left previews the Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference 2014 taking place on Saturday November 29 at Congress House. The Conference is now in its 10th year, and offers a unique opportunity to hear all about the latest developments in the region.

Chavez election rally