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Saturday, 28th May 2016

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Education is our right – we should be cutting tuition fees, not raising them

18th May 2016

Malia Bouattia

The government have announced plans to increase tuition fees yet again. As the new NUS President Malia Bouattia makes clear in this article, originally published in the Guardian, the student movement will fight this disastrous plan. We need to build a mass, vibrant campaign to force another Tory u-turn.

The NUS is under attack – step up the fight to save it

17th May 2016

By Fiona Edwards and Aaron Kiely, Student Broad Left

A massive campaign is underway from right wing forces inside and outside the student movement, backed up by a hostile right wing media, to seriously weaken the National Union Students (NUS) by pushing for affiliated Students’ Unions to leave the national union.

This is unambiguously an attempt to break up the NUS and therefore undermine the national voice of students, with the aim of leaving students defenceless against the huge national attacks which are being driven forward by the Tories.

11 reasons to say YES to NUS!

5th May 2016

NUS national demo

Since the left won NUS President along with a majority of the NUS leadership positions last month, a huge struggle has begun. The right wing both within the student movement and in wider society have launched attacks and smears against this new, progressive leadership.

In response to this historic turning point for the student movement, campaigns to disaffiliate Students’ Unions from NUS have emerged at over 25 campuses.

Defeating these attempts to disaffiliate is not simply about defending NUS’ new left wing leadership and defending NUS democracy – it’s a question of defending the student movement itself. Disaffiliations from NUS at a time of savage education cuts and huge attacks on students risk significantly weakening the student movement’s ability to defend itself at this critical time.

Left wins NUS President – defend Malia, defend NUS

29th April 2016

Malia President speech Student Broad Left report of NUS National Conference 2016 – by Fiona Edwards and Aaron Kiely (Student Broad Left Secretary and Co-Convenor)

Last week’s NUS National Conference was historic. Malia Boauttia was elected NUS President - the first Black woman and the first Muslim to win this position in NUS’ 94 year history. It was also the first time since 1969 that an incumbent President lost their re-election.

Student Broad Left Guide to NUS Conference 2016 – Let’s kick out the Tories!

19th April 2016

Students fighting racism Check out Student Broad Left’s guide to NUS National Conference 2016 – and if you are attending pick a free copy of this on the first day of conference.

NUS Conference 2016: vote for a fighting student movement that takes on the Tories, austerity and racism

23rd March 2016

Shakira Martin

At this year’s Conference it is crucial that the left maintain and aim to increase these huge advances we made last year – with the election of four (out of six) left wing NUS Vice Presidents as well as a winning a majority of the NUS National Executive.

Since that massive breakthrough for the left the student movement has been increasingly active, with NUS leading campaigns against cuts, racism, climate change and more. We’ve got to keep up this transformation!

Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, the Labour Party is taking the fight to the Tories on the need for an alternative to austerity. We need a progressive student movement that links up with and supports this left wing leadership of the Labour Party, as well as support all progressive movements and campaigns.

Read this article to find out who Student Broad Left is backing in the NUS Vice President and President positions at this year's Conference.

Defend our NHS! Defend our Education! National week of action

3rd February 2016

Save our NHS

Student Broad Left is supporting the Student Assembly Against Austerity's national week of action from Monday 8 - Sunday 14 February 2016.

The Tories are savagely cutting back on healthcare and education. Our public services are under attack and our futures are at risk too.

Join the fight back – take part in the national week of action from Monday 8th – Sunday 14th February.

​Check out the facebook event here.

Unite Against Fascism National Conference: Welcome refugees – unite against Islamophobia, racism and fascism

3rd February 2016

UAF Conference

Come along to the Unite Against Fascism National Conference on Saturday 6 February.

Students join the Stop Trident national demo

3rd February 2016

Student CND

Student Broad Left is supporting a major national demonstration called by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) to Stop Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

We will be joining Youth and Student CND, the Student Assembly Against Austerity, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and Stop the War on the student bloc of this demonstration to say: Fund Education Not Trident, we want Books Not Bombs.

National demo: Stop Bombing Syria! Sat 12 December

11th December 2015

Stop the war

Join Stop the War's national demo on Saturday 12 December to say STOP BOMBING SYRIA. Assemble at 12noon outside the BBC, near Oxford Circus tube station.

Protest: Don’t bomb Syria! Saturday 28 November 2015

26th November 2015

Protest - dont bomb syria

Stop the War Coalition are organising a protest against the bombing of Syria outside Downing Street from 12 – 2pm this Saturday 28 November.

Report of Progressive Students 2015: building a fighting student movement to take on the Tories

20th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

On Saturday 10 October 2015, the Progressive Students Forum brought together leading student activists and campaigners to discuss the ways in which the broad left in the student movement can build a movement that takes on the Tories and opposes their agenda of austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war.

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning and historic election victory in becoming leader of the Labour Party, it is clear that there are huge opportunities for the left to put forward a new kind of politics and win mass support. This sense of optimism made for a very upbeat and productive Progressive Students Forum.

The Forum was attended by over 60 students from 24 university and college campuses and was organized by the Student Broad Left. You can join the Student Broad Left here.

National demo: stop climate change! Sunday 29 November

26th November 2015

People's march - climate change

Student Broad Left is joining The People's Mach for Climate, Justice and Jobs - happening on Sunday 29 November in central London. Assembling in Hyde Park from 12noon.

Join the national demo for free education – save our grants!

29th October 2015

Free Education demo 2015

On Wednesday 4 November, thousands of students will be marching through the streets of London to demand free education and to oppose the Tories’ latest attacks on education.

Agenda: Progressive Students Forum 2015, Saturday 10 October

7th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015
Progressive Students Forum 2015 Fighting the Tories – to end austerity, racism, climate change and war Saturday 10 October | Student Central, London

Register your FREE place here. Invite your friends to the facebook event.

The Progressive Students Forum 2015