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Monday, 30th November 2015

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National demo: stop climate change! Sunday 29 November

26th November 2015

People's march - climate change

Student Broad Left is joining The People's Mach for Climate, Justice and Jobs - happening on Sunday 29 November in central London. Assembling in Hyde Park from 12noon.

Protest: Don’t bomb Syria! Saturday 28 November 2015

26th November 2015

Protest - dont bomb syria

Stop the War Coalition are organising a protest against the bombing of Syria outside Downing Street from 12 – 2pm this Saturday 28 November.

Join the national demo for free education – save our grants!

29th October 2015

Free Education demo 2015

On Wednesday 4 November, thousands of students will be marching through the streets of London to demand free education and to oppose the Tories’ latest attacks on education.

Report of Progressive Students 2015: building a fighting student movement to take on the Tories

20th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

On Saturday 10 October 2015, the Progressive Students Forum brought together leading student activists and campaigners to discuss the ways in which the broad left in the student movement can build a movement that takes on the Tories and opposes their agenda of austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war.

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning and historic election victory in becoming leader of the Labour Party, it is clear that there are huge opportunities for the left to put forward a new kind of politics and win mass support. This sense of optimism made for a very upbeat and productive Progressive Students Forum.

The Forum was attended by over 60 students from 24 university and college campuses and was organized by the Student Broad Left. You can join the Student Broad Left here.

Agenda: Progressive Students Forum 2015, Saturday 10 October

7th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015
Progressive Students Forum 2015 Fighting the Tories – to end austerity, racism, climate change and war Saturday 10 October | Student Central, London

Register your FREE place here. Invite your friends to the facebook event.

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

Join the Student Broad Left – build a progressive, fighting student movement

30th September 2015

Free education

The Student Broad Left is a network of left activists campaigning for a progressive student movement – join us today to help us to strengthen the fightback against austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war. Join here today.

Progressive Students Forum 2015: fighting the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war

30th September 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

Join the Student Broad Left on Saturday 10 October for this year’s Progressive Students Forum to discuss how we can build a movement to take on the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war.

Book your FREE place here.

Protest outside the Tory Party Conference – join the national week of action

30th September 2015

Tens of thousands of people are set to descend on Manchester this weekend to kick off a national week of protests and actions against the Tory Party Conference – with the aim of making clear the mass opposition that exists against austerity. The week of action is taking place from Saturday 3 – Wednesday 7 October.

March against austerity: all out on Saturday 20 June!

18th June 2015

End Austerity Now profile picture

This Saturday (20 June) will see one of the biggest national demonstration against austerity in years!

Thousands and thousands of students are expected to join the massive show of opposition against the Tories - joining trade unionists, local campaigners and high profile celebs such as Russell Brand and Charlotte Church.

We need an NUS National Demo for #FreeEducation & against student poverty

20th April 2015

free education national demo 2015 A huge coalition of over 100 student leaders have teamed up in the statement below. If you are an NUS delegate vote yes to a national demo. STATEMENT: NUS National Demo 2015 – fight for free education & end student poverty! “We believe that the National Union of Students should lead the fight back against all attacks on students and education by organising an Autumn 2015 national demonstration in London for free education and for serious action to tackle student poverty. No to cuts, tuition fees, student debt and the cost of living crisis. "Let’s come together in a powerful, peaceful, inclusive show of unity to demonstrate to the new government that we want a new vision for education free from austerity.  "We urge NUS delegates to vote for NUS to organise a national demo at the forthcoming national conference and support all local and regional action to defend education.”

5 reasons to back Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader – let’s take on the Tories!

6th August 2015

Jeremy for Labour Leader

There is only one week left to left to register as a Labour Party supporter so you can vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour Party. You can register online as a supporter here - it only costs £3.

Student Broad Left activists outline 5 reasons to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Venezuela – Social Progress Vs. Right-Wing Reaction

3rd June 2015

Hugo Chavez The social progress that began in Venezuela under the late Hugo Chavez needs our solidarity more than ever, writes founder of Labour Friends of Venezuela and Chair of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Colin Burgon.

NUS Conference 2015: Support a fighting, left wing student movement

13th April 2015

Fighting student movementNext week, almost 1,000 students will descend on Liverpool for NUS National Conference 2015. At this year’s Conference there is a real opportunity for the left to make serious gains in the elections for Vice President and NUS National Executive positions. Student Broad Left is backing the following candidates, who all stand for a student movement that fights for free education, against racist scapegoating and all discrimination and for international peace and justice: Shakira Martin for NUS Vice President Further Education Piers Telemacque for NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship Shelly Asquith for NUS Vice President Welfare Abdi-aziz Suleiman for NUS Vice President Union Development Sorana Vieru for NUS Vice President Higher Education Sahaya James #1 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15) Malaka Mohammed #2 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15) Dwayne Foster #3 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15)