For a fighting NUS – against cuts, racism, imperialism and war

Friday, 28th April 2017

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Elect a fighting NUS – vote Malia, Myriam and the left at #NUSnc17

26th April 2017

Re-elect Malia

Students need a fighting NUS to take on the Tories, cuts, austerity, hard Brexit and racism. We need an NUS that stands for free education, liberation and defending students against the enormous attacks we are facing from the Tory government.

Re-elect Malia and reject the NUS governance review

20th April 2017

NUS Conference 2016

At this year's forthcoming NUS National Conference the number one task for the left is to ensure the re-election of Malia Boauttia as NUS President. Malia's election last year was a historic victory, the first Black woman and the first Muslim to win this position in NUS’ history. Malia was elected on a platform of supporting free education, fighting the cuts, championing liberation and equality, fighting all forms of racism, opposing war and tackling climate change. Securing her re-election is the priority for the left.

Also at this year's conference there are proposals being put forward to change NUS' internal democratic arrangements. There is some confusion, including on the left, about the character of the suggested changes. So it is necessary for the proposals to be given serious examination. Should these proposals be implemented NUS’ capacity to defend students would be significantly weakened, so they need to be rejected.

Re-elect Malia Bouattia as NUS President

19th April 2017

Malia Bouattia

Malia Bouattia is seeking re-election as NUS National President at next week’s NUS National Conference. Student Broad Left urges delegates to vote Malia next week.

We need a fighting NUS that takes on the Tories, opposes austerity and relentlessly defends education. As NUS National President Malia has started to turn NUS around from an organisation which has spent the past 20 years supporting tuition fees and failing to defend students from huge attacks into a new movement demanding free education for all.

Save Kelechi: asylum seekers should not be deported!

29th March 2017

Save Kelechi

Kelechi is an activist in the NUS Black Students' and Disabled Students' Campaigns and an asylum seeker who came to the UK out of fear for her life in Nigeria, as a wheelchair-using disabled woman suffering mental health issues.

The Home Office has rejected her plea to remain in the UK, stating her reasons ‘insufficient’ - despite her having suffered sexual abuse from co-workers as well as verbal abuse and beatings, having been considered a curse by her family.

Myriam Kane: NUS must be loud and proud in defending international students

29th March 2017

Myriam Kane

The sad reality is that Theresa May’s disgusting, racist Tory government is making international students, immigrants and people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage less safe.

Since the Brexit referendum last June hate crime has increased by 100%. 1 in 3 Black, Asian and minority ethnic people have either experienced or witnessed racial abuse over the past 7 months.

These facts should be causing a national outcry.

Re-elect Hareem for NUS Women’s Officer

27th March 2017

Hareem for women officer

The NUS Women's Campaign Conference starts tomorrow. Student Broad Left is support Hareem Ghani for a second term.

Statement on Westminster terror attack

24th March 2017

Westminster vigil

My thoughts today are with the victims who lost their lives and those who were injured at yesterday’s horrific attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament. I join millions of Londoners in expressing my deepest sympathies to the victims and their families and friends. The emergency services worked tirelessly and bravely in response to a shocking and deadly attack.

This horrific attack must not and will not cause division. It is a testament to London that it has withstood attacks of this nature by standing together instead of communities turning on each other. We are already seeing far right groups such as Britain First seeking to sow division, hatred and whip up Islamophobia in the wake of this tragedy.

In response to the horrific attacks yesterday we must come together in the spirit of unity and anti-racism and with a determination to not let terror and hatred divide us.

Stop Trump Day of Action – unite against his agenda of hate and division

20th February 2017

No Trump

Today tens of thousands of people are taking part in the national day of action against Donald Trump and the proposed State Visit.

For the details of the Stop Trump and One Day Without Us national day of action page click here. In addition to other actions across the country, thousands of people are expected to turn out for a rally this evening in Parliament Square from 5pm.

Protest: Stop Trump’s Muslim ban

3rd February 2017

Stop Trump ban

Following the huge protests against Trump’s Muslim travel ban earlier this week, let’s keep up the momentum and build the movement against Islamophobia.

Barbara Ntumy: fight Trump, fight racism! (video)

20th January 2017

Today, the man who has vilified, attacked and threatened African Americans, Muslims, people of Asian descent, Latinx, immigrants, women, Jewish people, the LGBT community and disabled people, gets inaugurated as the 45th President of United States of America.

All that's left to do is to fight back from the minute his presidency starts and over the next 4 years.

Barbara Ntumy

No to Trump’s racism & bigotry: protest his inauguration

16th January 2017

Oppose Trump and his racism protest Join Stand Up To Racism’s protest outside the US Embassy in London on the day of Trump’s inauguration as President of the US – Friday 20 January at 5pm. Check out the facebook event here. 

Save our NHS! Emergency protest – Thursday 12 January 2017

11th January 2017


The fight to save our NHS is on. Last week the Red Cross declared a humanitarian crisis in the NHS and were forced to intervene.

Brexit will be a disaster for students – we’ve got to fight against it

12th December 2016


Since the EU referendum in June and the close victory for the Leave campaign, British politics has been dominated by the issue of Brexit. Given the enormous and absolutely disastrous implications of Brexit for Britain – spanning all areas of public life from the economy to education and our freedom of movement - this issue will continue to dominate British politics for months and years to come. Given that Brexit is the main issue in British politics, the main question that the student movement therefore faces is the following: should we embrace, accept, live with, or fight against Brexit? The Student Broad Left believes that the student movement’s priority number one must be to fight relentlessly to stop Brexit as this is essential to defending education and the living standards of students, the working class and all oppressed groups in society.

‘United for Education’: Join the NUS National Demonstration – Saturday 19 November

7th November 2016


On Saturday 19 November tens of thousands of students, lecturers and others will join forces to defend education on a national demonstration called by the National Union of Students (NUS) and University College Union (UCU).

Defend Malia Bouattia – open letter to the HASC on report titled ‘Antisemitism in the UK’

21st October 2016


We, the undersigned, note with grave concern the findings of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) on anti-Semitism. The report’s findings on the sharp growth in anti-Semitic incidents in the last year is deeply troubling, and is an urgent call to all those involved in fighting against racism, oppression, and for a better society more generally. We welcome the reports calls to take on anti-Semitism, as well as its focus on greater recognition of under-acknowledged areas of abuse, such as online platforms.