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Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

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Caroline Lucas deserves a medal, not a criminal record, for opposing fracking

17th April 2014

Caroline Lucas court case

This week a court in Brighton will deliver its verdict on the Green party MP Caroline Lucas who is being prosecuted for causing an obstruction outside the Balcombe gas fracking site. The possibility that one of the most sensible politicians in parliament could receive a criminal record, rather than the medal she deserves, for standing up against greedy energy bosses tells us everything we need to know about the topsy-turvy state of British politics on the environment.

NUS backs free education, rejects fees and scraps support for a ‘graduate tax’

11th April 2014

Aaron Kiely at NUS National Conference

NUS National Conference 2014 voted for free education - despite the majority of the current NUS leadership opposing it with the NUS President and Vice President Higher Education speaking against it in the debate on Conference floor.

Piers Telemacque elected NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship: victory for Black students, FE students and the left!

11th April 2014

Piers Telemacque

This week, at NUS National Conference, Piers Telemacque, President of Bradford College Students’ Union and member of both NUS Black Students’ Committee and NUS Society & Citizenship Committees was elected as Vice President Society and Citizenship for the National Union of Students.

Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer, co-Convenor of Student Broad Left said: “This is a turning point for the student movement and massive win for Black students, FE students and the left.“

Student Broad Left’s guide to NUS Conference 2014

7th April 2014

Download Student Broad Left's guide to NUS National Conference 2014, with articles from student leaders on key debates and guide to motions at national conference!

SBL Conference Guide

Students join thousands in ‘Stand Up To Racism’ demonstrations across Britain

25th March 2014

On Saturday over 10,000 people marched in central London, Glasgow and Cardiff to demonstrate against the rising tide of racist scapegoating and the politics of hate ahead of the European elections in May.

Student bloc on Stand Up To Racism 2014

For a progressive student movement: Support Aaron Kiely’s fighting fund for NUS President 2014

21st March 2014

Aaron for NUS President

Student Broad Left’s Aaron Kiely is running to be the next National President of the National Union of Students – please donate to his fighting fund to help his campaign make a big impact at the National Conference in April.

UEA students step up campaign to defend education & fight privatisation

20th March 2014

Chris Jarvis

Students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have been out protesting in force on campus this term to defend education and fight privatisation.Defend Education UEA is now taking the campaign to the next level with the launch of a radical manifesto to fight for free, funded and fair education.

Protesters reject austerity on budget day 2014

20th March 2014

UEA protest to oppose privatisation of student debt March 2014

Yesterday students, trade unionists and activists joined the People’s Assembly Against Austerity’s budget day protest outside Downing Street to reject George Osborne’s austerity budget - as part of a national day of action.

National actions on budget day, Weds 19 March 2014: #StopTheSellOff and fight austerity

18th March 2014

UEA week of action 2014 - stop the sell off

Join the Student Assembly Against Austerity in a national day of action to #StopTheSellOff of student loans on the day George Osborne delivers his budget to Parliament – Wednesday 19 March 2014.

National Demonstration – Stand Up To Racism! Saturday 22 March 2014

11th March 2014

I'm Standing Up To Racism 2014
Stand Up To Racism National Demonstration

Saturday 22 March 2014, assemble at 11am from Parliament Square No to scapegoating immigrants No to Islamophobia No to the far right

NUS Elections 2014: Who Student Broad Left is backing at National Conference

27th February 2014

Aaron for NUS President

Student Broad Left is proud to be supporting left wing, anti-austerity student activists for the NUS elections which are taking place at National Conference in April 2014.

We believe NUS needs a new direction and a new leadership. The current NUS leadership is not in favour of opposing the massive attacks on students. Only the left is offering a way forward – for a fighting NUS that actively defends students against cuts, fees and attacks on our living standards.

Anti-cuts victory: Students & youth stop huge cuts to Bradford Youth Services!

21st February 2014

Piers - Save Bradford Youth Services

A campaign involving thousands of Bradford students and young people has succeeded in stopping their local council from slashing £1.75 million from the City’s youth services which would have amounted to a staggering 80% cut.

Model motions NUS Conference 2014: fighting austerity & racism, #StopTheSellOff of student debt, defending the right to protest and for international justice

17th February 2014

Aaron Kiely (NUS Black Students' Officer) presents model motions for NUS National Conference 2014 on fighting austerity and racism, stopping the privatisation of student loans, defending the right to protest and standing up for international justice.

NUS National Conference 2014 takes place in April and is the place where next year’s policies and priorities for the national student movement are decided.

Women’s Assembly Against Austerity – join the fightback!

20th February 2014

Women's assembly against austerity facebook banner picture

Join leading women students, trade unionists, campaigners, activists and experts at the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity on Saturday 22 February to co-ordinate the fight-back against the government’s savage cuts and the inequality that comes along with them.

British students condemn wave of opposition led violence in Venezuela

17th February 2014

British students have published the following statement of solidarity condemning of wave of right wing, opposition led violence in Venezuela.