For a fighting NUS – against cuts, racism, imperialism and war

Sunday, 22nd April 2018

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Left unites to take on Porter et al at NUS Conference!

The Student Broad Left is proud to be taking part in the united left slate at this year’s NUS Conference.

We will be taking on the current NUS ‘leadership’ – which has consistently failed and let down students in the fight against fees and cuts – at the NUS National Conference taking place in April.

We need a fighting NUS that will defend students against the Tories’ savage attack on our futures.

We need a NUS that will fight for free education, for equality and against cuts, fees, racism and war.

To this end, we are delighted to back the following candidates on the united left slate for NUS Conference 2011:

President: Mark Bergfeld

Vice President Higher Education: Michael Chessum

Vice President Union Development: Joana Oliveria Pinto

Vice President Welfare: Sean Rillo Raczka

Vice President Society & Citizenship: Aaron Kiely

Vice President Further Education: Ruby Hirsch

If you would like to support the left slate for NUS Conference please email

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