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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Anti-Tory songs for tomorrow’s March against the cuts

Ahead of tomorrow’s March for the Alternative, Student Broad Left members have come up with a couple of anti-Tory songs to sing as we move through the streets of London.
Below we share our lyrics – along with a link to the original songs to remind you of the tune. Whilst our efforts cannot compete with the inspired ‘Andrew Lansley Rap’ – nor have we made the effort to perform our songs at a UCU picket like students at SOAS – we hope you at least are impressed with our good taste in music!

Fight for your right
(Originally composed by the Beastie Boys)

Kick it

You wanna go to college, man you really wanna GO

You need your EMA but Cameron says NO

You’ll miss out on education won’t get a JOB

But Murdoch will say its because you’re a yob

You gotta fight – {clap, clap} – for your right – {clap, clap} - to education!

You plead for 30 quid but Osborne says NO WAY

Tory hypocrite spends thousands a day

Your mum says education cuts are not a JOY

Ahh mum what do you expect from the BULLING-DON BOYS!

You gotta fight – {clap, clap} – for your right – {clap, clap} - to education!

Find the youtube video here.

Fuck You
(Originally composed by Cee Lo Green)

I see the Tories drive this country into the ground and I’m like fuck you

You take my wage from my pocket and spend it on war

Cameron, I’m like, fuck you and fuck your Tory cuts too

The rich get richer and the wars get longer – ain’t that just shit? (ain’t that just shit)

We’ll save the NHS cos it is the best when we say fuck you… and fuck Osborne too

Find the you tube video here.

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