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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Solidarity with London Met student sit in – No to 70% course cuts!

Students at London Met Uni have occupied their campus in protest of announcements that 70% of courses are to be cut. This includes the closure of the whole of the Humanities Department and an end to courses such as Performing Arts, Trade Union Studies and Caribbean Studies.

There is an emergency demo today at 12.30pm outside the Graduate building on Holloway Road. Join the demo – support the students, defend education for all, stop the cuts!

An online petition has also been launched to save the Caribbean Studies department. Too few people in Britain are aware of the huge impact that the region has had on Western civilisation and thus the world today. Saving this department is vital to ensuring generations to come have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and understand world history and politics today. Sign the petition here.

Check out the occupiers’ song here:

You can also show your support for the students by sending a message to

Also, follow the occupation on twitter: @WEareLONDONMET

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