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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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NUS DEMO 2012 – Weds 14 November – March to Defend Education!

Over 100 national and local student leaders are calling upon the NUS to start organising the national student demonstration on Wednesday 14 November in central London, on Parliament and under the banner of defending education.

Add your support to the motion being put forward to the NUS NEC by emailing with your name, college/university and position.

At this year’s NUS National Conference students overwhelmingly voted for NUS to lead a national, fighting movement to resist the Tories’ assault on our education – starting with a first term national demonstration against cuts, fees, student debt and privatisation.

NUS Black Students’ Officer-Elect, Aaron Kiely is putting forward a proposal to the next NUS NEC that the demo takes places on Wednesday 14 November, in central London, on Parliament, under the banner of defending education. Aaron underlined the urgency of getting NUS #Demo2012 organised, saying: “Now is the moment for NUS to take the fight to the Tories and start mobilising the biggest possible national student demonstration.”

Already over 100 national and local student leaders are backing the motion which will be voted on next month.

Fellow NUS NEC member and President-Elect at Midkent College Students’ Union, Matt Stanley, who will be seconding Aaron’s proposal said:

“I’m proud to be demanding, alongside many fellow FE President and Student Officers, that the NUS start organising a massive national demo to defend students this November and take the fight to the Tories.

It is no surprise that FE students are still playing a leading role in the student fightback because in many ways we are in the front line of the attacks. The Tories have taken away EMA and now they want to bring in fees and loans for adult learners in FE.

FE students will be marching in their ten of thousands this autumn to say: Scrap Fees – Bring Back EMA. Let’s unite our struggles to defend education!”

NUS Demo 2012 – Yes We Will – 14th November, March to Defend Education!


Over 100 national and local student leaders are supporting the following motion which is being put forward to the next NUS NEC on 23rd July.  


If you would like to add your name to support this motion please email with your name, college/university and any position you may hold.

NUS NEC Believes:
1. That the proposal for NUS “to organise a national demonstration in the first term on 2012-13 against cuts, fees, high interest on student debts and privatisation” passed at NUS National Conference 2012 by a massive, enthusiastic majority.
2. That the clear democratic mandate National Conference gave for NUS to organise a national demonstration must be respected.
NUS NEC Resolves:
1. To call a national demonstration on Wednesday 14th November in central London, passing Parliament, under the banner of ‘Defend Education’ – against cuts, fees, high interest on student debts and privatisation.
2. To make it an organisational priority of the NUS to build this national demonstration over the summer and autumn of 2012.  

Supported by:
* Aaron Kiely – NUS NEC & NUS Black Students’ Officer-elect
* Daryl Jones – NUS NEC (Disabled Students’ Rep) & Disabled Students’ Officer, Hull University Union
* Sean Rillo Raczka – NUS NEC-elect & President-elect University London Union
* Matt Stanley – NUS NEC-elect & President-elect MidKent College
* Josh Rowlands – NUS NEC & President-elect, Canterbury College Students’ Union
* Matt Bond – NUS NEC 2011-12 (Disabled Students’ Rep)
* Kelly McBride – President-elect, University of Sussex SU
* Choi Hy – President-elect, Worcester College of Technology SU
* Kelly Russell – President-elect, Dudley College SU
* Maev McDaid – President, Liverpool Guild of Students
* Shakira Akther – Vice-President Campaigns, University of East London SU & Black Students’ Officer-elect
* Alusine Alpha – Union Secretary and Finance Officer, University of Bradford Union & National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts National Committee
* Lukas Slothuus – Community and Welfare Sabbatical Officer, LSE SU
* Fairooz Aniqa – Vice-President Culture & Diversity, University of the Arts SU
* Izzy John – Welfare Officer, Warwick SU & NUS LGBT Committee
* James Philips – President, MidKent College SU & NUS Welfare Zone Committee
* Kirat Raj Singh – VP Education and Welfare-elect, Birmingham City University
* Thomas Johnson – Vice-President Education-elect, University of East London SU
* Annabel Jones – Women’s Officer, Birkbeck College SU
* Sacha Hassan – Black Students’ Officer-elect, Birmingham Guild of Students & NUS Black Students’ Committee-elect
* Shelly Asquith – Labour Club, University of the Arts SU
* Maham Hashmi-Khan – NUS Black Students’ Committee & National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts National Committee
* Al Hussein Abutaleb – Black Students’ Councillor, Sheffield Uni SU & NUS Black Students’ Committee (International Students’ Rep)
* Daf Adley – National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts National Committee (LGBT Rep)
* Rima Amin – NUS Black Students’ Committee
* Samayya Afzal – Black Students’ Officer University of Bradford Union & NUS Black Students’ Committee-elect
* Amarbeer Singh – Societies Officer at Students’ Union, Royal Holloway University of London
* Ben Hayes – Chair, La Swap Anti-Cuts Group
* Conrad Landin – Undergraduate Rep on Council of Arts and Humanities, University of Cambridge SU
* Dominic Curran – Student Councillor, University of Warwick SU
* Ben Millard – Walmer Castle Sixth Form SU
* Reshma Vora – University of Hertfordshire SU
* Abiha Bhatti – Chair, Stop the War Society, UCL SU
* Aadam Muuse – Union Councillor-elect, University of Bradford Union
* Shadia Edwards-Dashti – Stop the War Student Officer
* Sharareh Houshmandyar – International Students’ Officer, Bath Spa University SU
* Varinder Singh – Sikh Society, University of Hertfordshire SU
* Nihad Ahmed – Student Rep on the Academic Board of LSE
* Mary Robertson – Student Respect
* Axel Landin – JCR President-elect, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge SU
* Zain Sardar – Young Greens Executive
* Ian Drummond – Campaigns Officer, Birkbeck College SU & Senator of ULU
* Jamie Wareham – Harrow LGBT Officer, University of Westminster SU
* Abduttayeb Hassanali – ULU Trustee, Heythrop College SU
* Francesca Anderson – Officer for Students-elect, Lincoln University SU
* Jaswinder Kaur – Sikh Society, University of Hertfordshire SU
* Trish Clinton – Coventry University & NUS LGBT Committee-elect
* Jess Bayliss – Sussex University & NUS LGBT Committee-elect
* Fiona Edwards – National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Women’s Committee & Birkbeck College Women’s Committee
* Henry Heming – London Metropolitan University SU
* Joey McKillop – Campaigns Officer, West Thames College SU
* Samantha Sadler – LGBT Officer, MidKent College
* Joe Kelly – Marple Sixth Form College & NUS LGBT Committee
* Natasha Brown – Black Students’ Officer, Kent Union
* Sam Browse – Chair, Sheffield Student Broad Left
* Suleman Salu – Vice-President International Students’ Association, University of Hertfordshire SU
* Maryam Saghir – NUS Black Students’ Committee (LGBT Women’s Rep)
* Yolly Chegwidden – LGBTUA+ Officer -elect, Warwick SU
* Victoria Kettlewell – President, Mid Cheshire College, & NUS Welfare Zone Committee
* Tabz O’ Brien-Butcher – Women’s Officer-elect, University of Manchester Students’ Union
* Clare Solomon – Co-editor of Springtime: The New Student Rebellions
* Alex Murray – Vice-President Education-elect, Kent Union
* Kara Stubbs – LGBT Women’s Officer-elect, Kent Union
* Tais Yanez – LGBT Rep, Disabled Students Officer, Anti Fascism Anti Racism Officer-elect, Birkbeck College Students’ Union
* Rob Abrams – Environment and Ethics officer, Swansea University Students’ Union
* Karl Lewis – LGBT Officer-elect (Open Place), Kent Union
* Selina Clarke – NUS Black Students’ Committee (Disabled Students’ Rep)-elect & Equality & Diversity Rep, London Southbank Students’ Union
* Lois Clifton – Environment and Ethics Officer, LSE SU
* James Meadway – Postgraduate Officer, SOAS SU
* Matthew Rogers – Societies Officer, Warwick SU
* Taz Rasul – Access and Funding Officer, Cambridge University Students’ Union
* Jon Cornejo – LGBT Officer (Open Place), Kent Union
* Hiten Shah – Ethnic Minorities Campaign Officer & LGBTUA+ Officer-elect, Warwick SU
* Vicky Hudson – University, Access Officer-elect, Cambridge University SU
* James Feist – Campaigns Officer, North West Kent College SU
* Gooleswari Seeburn – Societies Officer, University of Lincoln SU
* Dominique Ucbas – Vice-President Diversity & Advocacy-elect, University of Strathclyde SU
* Jehanzeb Khan – Public Sector and Education Cuts Campaigns Officer, Warwick SU
* Jessica Try – Societies Federation Council Representative, University of Bradford Union
* Manoj Kumar Iyer – President, Middlesex University SU & NUS International Students’ Committee-elect
* Sam Playle – Postgraduate Representative-elect, Queen Mary Students’ Union
* Mike Shaw – Edinburgh University Students’ Association
* Mma Felicia Yeebo-Agoe – Guild Councillor for Ethnic Minorities, Birmingham Guild of Students
* Harry Fox – President, Canterbury College Students’ Union & NUS Society & Citizenship Zone Committee
* Nathan Akehurst – College Representative, Oxford University Students’ Union
* Amy Addison-Dunne – Prospective Student & Kingston Branch SWP
* Rebecca Sawbridge – K College
* Will Taylor – Lancaster University SU
* Eleanor Best – Equality, Welfare and Diversity Cross Campus Officer, Lancaster University SU
* Makinder S. Chahal – Keele LGBT Society, Keele University SU
* Salya Shaban – Community Engagement Officer, University Bradford Union
* Shreya Paudel – President-elect, Middlesex University Students’ Union
* Yusuf Molade – NUS Black Students’ Committee-elect (Further Education Rep) & Westminster Kingsway College SU
* Chidinma Nwokoro – Student Representative Officer-elect, Liverpool Guild of Students & NUS Black Students’ Committee-elect (International Students Officer)
* Shareefa Panchbhaya – Ethnic Diversity and Anti-Racism Officer, University of Westminster Students’ Union
* Omar Richards – NUS Black Students’ Committee (International Students Rep)
* James Moulding – Westminster Students’ Left rep & NUS Delegate, University of Westminster SU
* Tom King – Secretary, SOAS Labour Club, SOAS SU
* Michelle Evans – Institute of Education
* Brian Sheridan – University of Wolverhampton SU
* Liam Dale – Education Officer, Newcastle University Students’ Union

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