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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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‘No to Lap Dancing Club in Sheffield City centre’ says Sheffield Women’s Campaign

By Fiona Edwards, Student Broad Left Secretary

The Women’s Officer at Sheffield University Students’ Union is leading a campaign to stop Sheffield City Council from approving an application to open a new Lap Dancing Venue in Sheffield City centre, just minutes away from the University campus.

The applicant – believed to be from the ‘Wildcats’ chain of ‘premium gentleman’s clubs’ – states in their application to Sheffield City Council:

“The venue {will be used for} a variety of uses, including as a traditional bar serving alcohol and non-alcohol (sic) and snacks, a striptease show, with the dancing girls doing a strip on the stage/dance pole and finally (sic), private dancing with a dancing girl doing a striptease show for individual customers in the private booths.”

Fighting the proliferation of lap dancing clubs is central to the fight against sexism in today’s society.

Lap dancing clubs normalise the sexual objectification of women, create ‘no go’ areas for women and are a form of commercial sexual exploitation.

Hundreds of lap dancing clubs have been allowed to open over the past decade – main-streaming the idea that it is acceptable to view women as objects, to be bought by men. This main-streaming of the sexual objectification of women in turn feeds the oppression, exploitation and violence against women which is so rampant in British society.

The Women’s Campaign at Sheffield University SU is making an important stand against sexism by leading a campaign a say no to the opening of this latest lap-dancing club in Sheffield City centre. Their success would be a blow to sexists and a victory for women – making Sheffield a safer environment for women students.

Take action: object to the sexist lap dancing industry!

Sheffield Students: In order to open this lap-dancing club a ‘Sexual Entertainment Venue License’ is required. Sheffield University SU Women’s Officer, Amy Masson is encouraging university students that live in the area to write to the council objecting to this license being granted. Check out where to send your objective to and arguments to use here.

Nationally: Get involved with OBJECT – an award-winning human rights organisation specifically set up to challenge the sexual objectification of women. As well as campaigning against lap dancing clubs they also fight the sexism of Lads’ mags, Internet porn and more. Check out the OBJECT website here.

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