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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Support London Met’s Syed Rumman for NUS International Students’ Officer

London Met’s Syed Rumman for NUS International Students’ Officer!

There is no other candidate better qualified to lead the NUS International Students’ Campaign than the current London Met SU VP Education, Syed Rumman.

Syed is standing to take on the Tory government’s vicious policies against international students, their racist scapegoating and their savage cuts which are destroying Britain’s education system and public services.

Syed led London Met Uni students to resist the government’s attempt to deport more than 2,600 international students last year and won.

From organising a hundreds-strong protest outside the Home Office alongside Unions and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign to building the winning alliances on campus with the Unions and the University itself to put maximum pressure on the government, Syed has a proven track record of uniting and fighting for international students.

Syed has an uncompromising record of standing up against racism and will make sure NUS prioritises the struggle to defend students against discrimination.

Here are a few words from Syed Rumman himself on why he is standing and what he stands for.

After saving thousands of international students of LondonMet running for NUS International Students’ Officer

International students are a significant number in the UK and this number has profound impact on the British economy, society and international relations. Still being an international student, too often you face difficulties during your student life in the UK. It is the responsibility of the National Union of Students as a representative body to ensure that your voice is heard at the right level with utmost attention and your concerns are being resolved with rapid solution.

Effective representation is seriously a challenging task and requires coordinate effort. And to lead the co-ordinated efforts under the umbrella of NUS in order to resolve your problems, you need a leader who is brave and passionate about you and your student life in the UK. Having this in mind, I can proudly say that I am such a leader who has the courage to stand for your right and unique quality to win battles against any attack on you as an international student.

I am a law graduate from London Metropolitan University and served as the Vice President (Education) at the Students Union for two subsequent years. You may be aware that last year I fought the biggest battle for London met against the UKBA. My record of achievement does not end here; I also have worked in close partnership with London’s other Unions to prevent cuts in education at the national level. I have joined other Unions across the country to support their campaigns and still continuing the coordinated effort to protect student’s rights across the UK. I am a visionary and innovative leader with
clear vision for students. I have introduced many new schemes such as; SU scholarship scheme, and you will be happy to know that our students have wholeheartedly supported my schemes and it is being implemented.

International and home students across the UK are backing my campaign as they have seen that I have proved in all my work and other experience that I can and will represent international students
effectively. Please click here to see my full manifesto and my supporters.

I really hope you consider me as your 1st preference. I would be delighted to hear from you so please do get in touch with me. Simply email on or call me on 07827320527.

Thank you very much for taking time to read this note.

With all best wishes,

Syed Rumman
Vice-President (Education)
London Metropolitan University Students Union

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