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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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NUS Conference 2015: Support a fighting, left wing student movement

Fighting student movement
Next week, almost 1,000 students will descend on Liverpool for NUS National Conference 2015. At this year’s Conference there is a real opportunity for the left to make serious gains in the elections for Vice President and NUS National Executive positions.

Student Broad Left is backing the following candidates, who all stand for a student movement that fights for free education, against racist scapegoating and all discrimination and for international peace and justice:
Shakira for VP FE
NUS NC15 - support the leftShakira Martin for NUS Vice President Further Education

Piers Telemacque for NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship

Shelly Asquith for NUS Vice President Welfare

Abdi-aziz Suleiman for NUS Vice President Union Development

Sorana Vieru for NUS Vice President Higher Education

Sahaya James #1 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15)

Malaka Mohammed #2 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15)
Dwayne Foster #3 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15)

Shakira Martin for NUS Vice President Further Education

Shakira for VP FE
Check out the campaign video here and like the facebook page here.

FE = Further Education, Free Education, For Everyone

“Further Education has changed my life! Over the last four years Further Education has been my haven. A place where I could share my experiences, learn from others and ultimately be myself. It has been more than just gaining a qualification.

“I am standing to be the next NUS Vice President Further Education to give back to the sector what is has given me; a lifeline, a chance to break the cycle of deprivation, a chance to be a positive role model and the opportunity and a platform to inspire, empower and motivate others.

“I’m standing on a record of action. From being on the frontline of building a new movement for free education by getting a big presence of further education students on the 10,000 strong national demo, to organising protests against racism & UKIP to joining forces with trade unions to stop the 24% cuts to Adult Education I have delivered.

“I have achieved all of this and more as an unpaid volunteer, juggling all this with bringing up two children as a single mother. Imagine what I could achieve if I was elected to represent you full time! I will transform NUS into an active, fighting national union.”

Check out Shakira’s full manifesto here.

Piers Telemacque for NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship

Piers for VP Soc and CitParty with Piers on the first day of Conference – join the event here and like the campaign facebook page here.

“My Journey…

“For many young people, youth services are the space in which they develop a sense of empowerment, self-belief and achievement as they overcome barriers within society. Youth services transformed my life and has done the same for millions. It is the reason I became politically engaged and active within my community. It was also my pathway into the student movement. I am the first NUS Vice President to prioritise defending youth services from being cut, as well as campaign for them to be fully funded, universal and liberated for every young person in the UK.

“Re-elect me and I will:
- Continue to organise young people local group and Student Unions to campaign to reverse cuts to youth services
- Fight against cuts and for free education: the battle over the future of education did not stop in 2010. We are seeing outsourcing, job losses and course cuts. Students are treated like cash cows and lecturers are being turned into automatons providing services. In a time like this it is crucial that NUS offers a clear alternative to the movement
- Ensure that NUS, alongside the UCU and climate justice organisations, runs divestment campaigns with students in local institutions from companies with links to fossil fuels
- Mobilise communities against racism, fascism and police brutality
- Defend public and community services: train up student activists that can work with local communities to oppose cuts to local services
- Continue to work with the prisoners education trust and other organisations to ensure that prisoners have fair and equal access to the same education everyone else is entitled to
- Create toolkits on delivering the living wage in institutions, unions and associations and pressure government and local democratic bodies to pay their staff the living wage”

Check out Piers’ full manifesto here.

Shelly Asquith for NUS Vice President Welfare

Shelly for VP WelfareCheck out Shelly’s campaign video and give her election page a like here.

“Why vote Shelly…?

“Rising rents, cuts to services, and a growing climate of racism: the issues we are faced with are countless and critical. Students urgently need a pro-active Welfare campaign that delivers with activists on the ground, whilst giving a national platform to our collective demands.

“A campaign that puts strengthen and resources in to your work, and is inherently political. I believe my experience in the student and trade union movement has given me the skills to organise and fight nationally, and that’s why I’m asking you to elect me VP Welfare.

“If you have any question about my campaign or national conference, please get in touch.”

Check out Shelly’s full manifesto here.

Abdi-aziz Suleiman for NUS Vice President Union Development

Abdi for VP UDCheck out Abdi’s facebook page here.

“I am proud to be part of the rich tradition of activism, democracy, and progressive politics that makes up the student movement. It is a movement that campaigns to make our college and universities places of personal, political and intellectual liberation. It is a movement which is made up by all of us, from our Students’ Union and libraries, to societies and sports clubs.

“We have achieved a lot, from adequate resourcing of advice centres, to increased working class participation in education. But we have suffered important losses too, including the failure to reverse the over-inflation of rent prices, £9,000 fees, and our inability to prevent the continued underfunding of further education. We cannot lose more.

“I will the be VPUD who will increase our ability to win by preparing our unions for the fight against unlimited tuition fees and further steps towards the full marketization of education.”

Check out Abdi’s full manifesto here.

Sorana Vieru for NUS Vice President Higher Education

Sorana for VP HELike Sorana’s facebook page here.

“Hi, I’m Sorana, the Postgraduate Full-Time Officer at Bristol Students’ Union and I’m running to be your next NUS Vice President Higher Education because I believe education is a public good and it must serve all members of society. A system of fees forces universities to focus on marketing and shiny buildings rather than the needs of all students.

“We need to fight for a system with no tuition fees in order to remove the competition between universities, so they can invest in improving teaching and learning. However, free education means nothing if we don’t dismantle institutional structures of oppression.

“The government and universities are systematically shutting out those most marginalized from education: women. Working class, disabled, LGBT+, Black students and those with caring responsibilities. I will lead an HE campaign that puts access and liberation at the heart of a fair and transformative education system.”

Check out Sorana’s full manifesto here.

Sahaya James #1 for NUS National Executive (Block of 15)

Sahaya for BlockLike Sahaya’s facebook page here.

“I stand for an NUS that represents and defends students’ rights, but that also influences society: challenging attitudes and shaping our values. The NUS has the money, influence and ability to create longstanding social change by educating, empowering and mobilizing the 7 million students it represents to create a fairer, more, inclusive society. We have the power to save education as a right rather than a privilege, and to redefine it. In the past students have been at the forefront of fighting injustice and they can be again! But we need a radical new leadership to make that happen.

“From battling as an unpaid President of a multi-campus FE College Student Union to get if off the ground and delivering for students, to being part of the team that organized a 10,000 strong national demo for free education, I have the passion, dedication and experience to join a team that turns NUS around. Let’s make 2015 our year!”

Read Sahaya’s full manifesto here.

Malaka Mohammed #2 for NUS National Executive

“In 2013, I passed many obstacles on my journey from Gaza to Sheffield to pursue my studies. Since then, I have spoken at over 67 university campuses, globally, on the power of education. In 2014, I ran for an officer position at my Union, a difficult decision alongside my MA deadline and an EU speaking tour schedule, and got the highest number of votes in the history of Sheffield. My achievements there include securing £15k for books, abolishing library fines, securing an annual fee waiver for international students, better postgraduate representation and Sheffield’s first ever virtual cultural exchange #SheffGaza2015…”

Check out Malaka’s manifesto here.

Dwayne Foster #3 for NUS National Executive

“What I believe in:

- Equal rights for all students
- Votes at 16
- Against youth unemployment
- Fair wage for apprentices
- Equality and diversity”

Check out Dwayne’s manifesto here.

There are lots of other great candidates standing for Block of 15 including Barnaby Raine, Michael Segalov and Areeb Ullah.

Want to get active with the Student Broad Left at this year’s NUS National Conference? We will be campaigning for the above candidates as well as trying to get progressive policies passed on free education, NUS organising a national demo, anti-racism, climate change, justice for Palestine and more. Email to get involved.

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