For a fighting NUS – against cuts, racism, imperialism and war

Sunday, 22nd April 2018

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Join the Student Broad Left – build a progressive, fighting student movement

The Student Broad Left is a network of left activists campaigning for a progressive student movement – join us today to help us to strengthen the fightback against austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war. Join here today.

Free education

Student Broad Left is active nationally within the National Union of Students (NUS) and on campuses – we have regular planning meetings where we discuss our campaigns and initiatives.
Student Broad Left involves activists from a number of political parties as well as those involved in the green, anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-racist movements.

We stand for a student movement that:

• Builds student resistance to cuts, fees and student debt
Builds the Student Assembly Against Austerity and the People’s Assembly Against Austerity
• Campaigns for free education & Bring Back EMA
• Unites against racism: no to scapegoating, Islamophobia & the far right
• Demands justice for Palestine: lift the siege on Gaza, end the illegal occupation and build the BDS movement
• Champions international peace and justice: cancel Trident & stop the wars
• Stands up for people power: support twenty first century socialism in Latin America
• Campaigns for an end to climate chaos – no to fracking, create green jobs now!

Read the full statement to see What We Stand For.

If you agree with us, join us today.

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