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Sunday, 22nd April 2018

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National demo: stop climate change! Sunday 29 November

Student Broad Left is joining The People’s Mach for Climate, Justice and Jobs - happening on Sunday 29 November in central London. Assembling in Hyde Park from 12noon.

People's march - climate change

On the eve of the most crucial international summit of the decade, people in cities around the world will take to the streets to march for ambitious action on the climate crisis. From London to São Paulo, and Johannesburg to Paris, we will rise together to meet this moment with a single deafening message that can’t be ignored.

Ours is the only generation that can solve this crisis and now is the time to claim the future we want.

In countries everywhere, people will march for a world we know is within our reach; a world with a just economy that works for people and planet, a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world powered by 100% clean energy, with sustainable jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

Together we’re building a giant global movement for the change we need to survive.

Why are we marching for ‘climate, justice and jobs’?

As 2015 looks to beat 2014 into second place for the hottest year ever, 1C above pre-industrial levels, polar ice caps shrink and scientists line up to warn about the shrinking window left for action, there is no question why we are marching for our climate.

We need climate justice.

There can be no solution to the climate crisis without facing head on that the greatest impacts of climate change are set to fall on those who have done least to cause it. Climate justice means that leaders in Paris must commit to urgent action by industrialised nations to cut emissions and also financial support to protect the worlds poorest. No fair deal can be made without challenging powerful vested interests, especially the fossil fuel industry.

We need climate jobs.

We have the solutions to move to a clean energy future, but current choices are locking the UK into a fossil fuel future and doing nothing to cut energy waste. We need to move to a sustainable low-carbon economy with the needs of workers and ordinary people at its heart. This means serious government investment to create good jobs in renewable energy, transport, manufacturing and home insulation. If our government takes the climate change crisis at all seriously then cuts which threaten UK climate action must be reversed immediately.

Join us.

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