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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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NUS national demo to defend education called – Saturday 19 November 2016

Tuesday 5 July – this article was first published on the Student Assembly Against Austerity website

NUS demo 2016

Today the National Union of Students and the University College Union (UCU) announced they will hold a national demonstration on Saturday 19 November 2016 to stop the government’s attacks on higher and further education.

The demonstration will demand that the Tories scrap their plans to increase tuition fees yet again and call for the huge cuts facing our colleges and universities to be stopped.

The Tory government is weak, divided and can be defeated. The anti-austerity movement has pushed back a number of government attacks over the past year including tax credit cuts, attacks on disabled people and the academisation of our schools. A mass, vibrant movement of students and staff can defeat the government’s attacks on education too.

Barbara Ntumy, Deputy President of London Met University Students’ Union, NUS National Executive and Student Assembly Against Austerity National Committee said:

“The Tories’ attacks on students and education have been relentless. We are graduating with more than £40,000 worth of debt, all grants and financial support have been scrapped and we have seen cuts on a massive scale. The government’s plans to increase tuition fees above £9,000 and their plans to impose huge cuts to our colleges and universities are completely unacceptable and must be defeated.

“The student movement stands for a properly funded free education system which gives everyone a chance to succeed and contribute to our society and economy. Funding education is an investment in the future.

“At London Met University Students’ Union we are excited that NUS will be joining forces with the UCU for a national demonstration for free education and against the cuts. We will be mobilising to the demo and look forward to joining tens of thousands from all over Britain.”

The Student Assembly Against Austerity will be at the forefront of mobilising as many students as possible to attend this vital national demonstration. If you would like to get involved please email the Student Assembly Against Austerity on

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