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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Stop Trump Day of Action – unite against his agenda of hate and division

Today tens of thousands of people are taking part in the national day of action against Donald Trump and the proposed State Visit.

For the details of the Stop Trump and One Day Without Us national day of action page click here. In addition to other actions across the country, thousands of people are expected to turn out for a rally this evening in Parliament Square from 5pm.

By Fiona Edwards

We are living through extraordinarily dangerous times. The most powerful office on the planet is occupied by someone who stands for reaction, racism, Islamophobia, sexism, LGBTphobia, war mongering, climate change denial and someone who seeks to drive backwards the living standards of the working class in the US and across the world.

It’s a challenging situation and there stakes are high.

The whirlwind of reaction started immediately after Trump’s election in November 2016, with an enormous increase xenophobic and racist hate crime in the US.

Trump’s agenda is of division and hate.

The impact on British politics is clear. Our Tory government is seeking a special and close relationship with Donald Trump.

No Trump

Theresa May’s line is to align herself with Trump to push through a hard, racist, Tory Brexit. May is proposing cutting vital economic links with Europe and doing a deal with Trump. Trump wants Britain to help him break up the EU and he will demand a trade deal with Britain that is worse than TTIP. We should have nothing to do with any of his agenda.

In this situation, what is the job of the progressive and left movements in Britain? We’ve got to be part of a world-wide movement against Trump.

Trump won the US Presidency on the basis of a minority of the US population voting for him. He lost of popular vote to Clinton by millions of votes and already is very unpopular across the world.
Trump can only succeed if the opposition to him is divided.

So first of all, building our unity against Trump is the first priority.

Let’s get a huge turnout today at the Stop Trump protest outside Parliament at 5pm and at the actions across the country.

And if Trump comes to Britain on a State Visit, let’s make sure he gets the welcome he deserves, with hundreds of thousands or millions of us marching against Trump’s politics of hate.

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