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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Save Kelechi: asylum seekers should not be deported!

Kelechi is an activist in the NUS Black Students’ and Disabled Students’ Campaigns and an asylum seeker who came to the UK out of fear for her life in Nigeria, as a wheelchair-using disabled woman suffering mental health issues.

Save Kelechi

The Home Office has rejected her plea to remain in the UK, stating her reasons ‘insufficient’ – despite her having suffered sexual abuse from co-workers as well as verbal abuse and beatings, having been considered a curse by her family.

It is not for us to accept the government condemning others to persecution, hate and violence as part of their immigration process.

Kelechi could be deported any day, and we need to do everything we can to put pressure on the government and keep her story in the media and people’s minds.

Student activists are raising funds to pay for legal fees so Kelechi can get support in fighting her case. She is currently without any legal aid and therefore unable to fight back. The money would also go towards fees for Home office application and other costs such as food and medicine. You can donate online here.

Please donate what you can, and share her story. Kelechi has done so much for the student movement – now it’s time we support her.

For more information see the campaign petition here.

Save Kelechi

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