For a fighting NUS – against cuts, racism, imperialism and war

Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Elect a fighting NUS – vote Malia, Myriam and the left at #NUSnc17

Students need a fighting NUS to take on the Tories, cuts, austerity, hard Brexit and racism. We need an NUS that stands for free education, liberation and defending students against the enormous attacks we are facing from the Tory government.

Re-elect Malia

For a campaigning, fighting NUS we need to elect a fighting leadership.

Student Broad Left is supporting and urges delegates to vote for:

Malia Bouattia for NUS National President

Myriam Kane for NUS Vice President Further

Ali Milani for NUS Vice President Union Development

Jenny Killin for NUS Vice President Welfare

Danny Nasr for NUS Vice President Society and Citizenship

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