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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Re-elect Malia Bouattia as NUS President

Malia Bouattia is seeking re-election as NUS National President at next week’s NUS National Conference. Student Broad Left urges delegates to vote Malia next week.

Malia Bouattia

At last year’s Conference Malia got elected on a platform of fighting the Tory government’s attacks on education including tuition fees and the cuts.

From demos and lobbies to toolkits and strikes, Malia has worked to put forward a vision of a free, liberated and accessible education. She has built relationships with trade unions, academic groups, local and national campaigns, as well as sister student movements across the world to amplify NUS UK’s collective voice.

Barbara Ntumy, London Met Students’ Union Deputy President and NUS NEC said:

“We need a fighting NUS that takes on the Tories, opposes austerity and relentlessly defends education. As NUS National President Malia has started to turn NUS around from an organisation which has spent the past 20 years supporting tuition fees and failing to defend students from huge attacks into a new movement demanding free education for all.

“I’m voting for Malia because we need a President that will continue the work of transforming the student movement so we can effectively confront the challenges before us – from savage education cuts to fighting the attacks on international students and immigrants that come along with the Tories’ hard Brexit.”

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