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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Vote Labour on June 8th – for free education, for the many not the few!


By Barbara Ntumy and Myriam Kane, NUS NEC and NUS NEC-Elect

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Tomorrow, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are giving us the opportunity to vote for a different kind of politics which will make students, young people and indeed the overwhelming majority of society much better off.

After years of Tory austerity, savage cuts to public services and attacks on our living standards Theresa May’s Tory Party simply proposes more of the same. More austerity, more education cuts, more privatisation of the NHS, more attacks on the vulnerable in society. The list goes on.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party offers an inspiring alternative. Labour’s manifesto puts forward an economic strategy, endorsed by over 100 economists, which is the exact opposite of the Tories’ austerity plans.

Under Labour, austerity will be reversed, spending on vital public services like the NHS increased and a new plan implemented to increase state investment to boost growth, jobs and develop a high tech, green economy. Its an economic plan which provides an exciting vision for the future. We are particularly inspired by Corbyn’s pledge to scrap tuition fees.

For years the student movement has been demanding free education, citing the fact that its a norm across Europe including in Germany, and is therefore entirely possible here too if the British government was prepared to make an investment in the next generation rather than saddling us with mortgage sized debts. The Tories are instead pushing through further attacks on education and burdening students with more and more debt. Only a Labour government would end this crisis for higher education and bring back free education for all.

This General Election is also an opportunity to radically change Britain’s role in the world. For the past two decades Britain’s involvement and support of US imperialism’s wars, occupations and interventions in the Middle East and North Africa has caused huge death, destruction, chaos and spread terrorism across the region. The threat of terrorism has also grown in the West too as a result of this disastrous foreign policy, making us less safe. Jeremy Corbyn has been at the forefront of the anti-war movement throughout this period and is putting forward a foreign policy in this election based on peace not military intervention. He would also end Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, a regime which is supporting and arming ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East.

When Theresa May first called this snap General Election back in April, she did so on the basis of getting a mandate for a racist, hard Brexit. The Tories’ Brexit plans will make us much, much poorer. We will lose jobs, living standards will fall and our freedom of movement will be curtailed. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to vote against these disastrous Brexit plans. 

So vote for the Labour Party on Thursday 8 June – it’s a vote for free education, for jobs, investment, hope and a better future. It’s a vote for the many, not the few!

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