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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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How students in Canterbury ended over 100 years of Tory rule

12th June 2017

Kent Labour students

At Thursday's General Election, in seats across the country, students and young people mobilised to oust right wing politicians and secure gains for the Labour Party. One of the most spectacular successes was in Canterbury, where students mobilised in force to win the seat for Labour for the first time ever. University of Kent student activist Douglas Carr was central to the campaign on campus and explains what happened.

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Elect a fighting NUS – vote Malia, Myriam and the left at #NUSnc17

26th April 2017

Re-elect Malia

Students need a fighting NUS to take on the Tories, cuts, austerity, hard Brexit and racism. We need an NUS that stands for free education, liberation and defending students against the enormous attacks we are facing from the Tory government.

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Save our NHS! Emergency protest – Thursday 12 January 2017

11th January 2017


The fight to save our NHS is on. Last week the Red Cross declared a humanitarian crisis in the NHS and were forced to intervene.

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‘United for Education’: Join the NUS National Demonstration – Saturday 19 November

7th November 2016


On Saturday 19 November tens of thousands of students, lecturers and others will join forces to defend education on a national demonstration called by the National Union of Students (NUS) and University College Union (UCU).

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Agenda ‘Students For Jeremy Corbyn: fighting austerity, racism and war’ – Progressive Students Forum 2016

12th October 2016


Check out the agenda for this year's Progressive Students National Forum taking place on Saturday 15 October from 10.00am - 5.30pm. This year's overall theme is 'Students For Jeremy Corbyn: fighting austerity, racism and war'.

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Education is our right – we should be cutting tuition fees, not raising them

18th May 2016

Malia Bouattia

The government have announced plans to increase tuition fees yet again. As the new NUS President Malia Bouattia makes clear in this article, originally published in the Guardian, the student movement will fight this disastrous plan. We need to build a mass, vibrant campaign to force another Tory u-turn.

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11 reasons to say YES to NUS!

5th May 2016

NUS national demo

Since the left won NUS President along with a majority of the NUS leadership positions last month, a huge struggle has begun. The right wing both within the student movement and in wider society have launched attacks and smears against this new, progressive leadership.

In response to this historic turning point for the student movement, campaigns to disaffiliate Students’ Unions from NUS have emerged at over 25 campuses.

Defeating these attempts to disaffiliate is not simply about defending NUS’ new left wing leadership and defending NUS democracy – it’s a question of defending the student movement itself. Disaffiliations from NUS at a time of savage education cuts and huge attacks on students risk significantly weakening the student movement’s ability to defend itself at this critical time.

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Defend our NHS! Defend our Education! National week of action

3rd February 2016

Save our NHS

Student Broad Left is supporting the Student Assembly Against Austerity's national week of action from Monday 8 - Sunday 14 February 2016.

The Tories are savagely cutting back on healthcare and education. Our public services are under attack and our futures are at risk too.

Join the fight back – take part in the national week of action from Monday 8th – Sunday 14th February.

​Check out the facebook event here.

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Vote Labour on June 8th – for free education, for the many not the few!

7th June 2017

By Barbara Ntumy and Myriam Kane, NUS NEC and NUS NEC-Elect

Tomorrow, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are giving us the opportunity to vote for a different kind of politics which will make students, young people and indeed the overwhelming majority of society much better off.

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Re-elect Malia Bouattia as NUS President

19th April 2017

Malia Bouattia

Malia Bouattia is seeking re-election as NUS National President at next week’s NUS National Conference. Student Broad Left urges delegates to vote Malia next week.

We need a fighting NUS that takes on the Tories, opposes austerity and relentlessly defends education. As NUS National President Malia has started to turn NUS around from an organisation which has spent the past 20 years supporting tuition fees and failing to defend students from huge attacks into a new movement demanding free education for all.

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Brexit will be a disaster for students – we’ve got to fight against it

12th December 2016


Since the EU referendum in June and the close victory for the Leave campaign, British politics has been dominated by the issue of Brexit. Given the enormous and absolutely disastrous implications of Brexit for Britain – spanning all areas of public life from the economy to education and our freedom of movement - this issue will continue to dominate British politics for months and years to come. Given that Brexit is the main issue in British politics, the main question that the student movement therefore faces is the following: should we embrace, accept, live with, or fight against Brexit? The Student Broad Left believes that the student movement’s priority number one must be to fight relentlessly to stop Brexit as this is essential to defending education and the living standards of students, the working class and all oppressed groups in society.

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United for education – fighting austerity, cuts and fees

19th October 2016


I’m Joss Knight, member of the Student Assembly Against Austerity national committee for Imperial College.

I will start by acknowledging that these are pretty bleak times for many people in Britain and elsewhere as the right wing have become more vocal and emboldened throughout Europe. Students are feeling this keenly as the basic right to education has been attacked over and over and education has been more and more commodified, segregated and neglected in recent years. Since Theresa May became our unelected prime minister the Tories have redoubled their commitment to an elitist backwards education system with their attempts to bring back grammar schools.

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NUS national demo to defend education called – Saturday 19 November 2016

5th July 2016

NUS demo 2016

Today the National Union of Students and the University College Union (UCU) announced they will hold a national demonstration on Saturday 12 November 2016 to stop the government’s attacks on higher and further education.

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The NUS is under attack – step up the fight to save it

17th May 2016

By Fiona Edwards and Aaron Kiely, Student Broad Left

A massive campaign is underway from right wing forces inside and outside the student movement, backed up by a hostile right wing media, to seriously weaken the National Union Students (NUS) by pushing for affiliated Students’ Unions to leave the national union.

This is unambiguously an attempt to break up the NUS and therefore undermine the national voice of students, with the aim of leaving students defenceless against the huge national attacks which are being driven forward by the Tories.

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Left wins NUS President – defend Malia, defend NUS

29th April 2016

Malia President speech Student Broad Left report of NUS National Conference 2016 – by Fiona Edwards and Aaron Kiely (Student Broad Left Secretary and Co-Convenor)

Last week’s NUS National Conference was historic. Malia Boauttia was elected NUS President - the first Black woman and the first Muslim to win this position in NUS’ 94 year history. It was also the first time since 1969 that an incumbent President lost their re-election.

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