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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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National demo: stop climate change! Sunday 29 November

26th November 2015

People's march - climate change

Student Broad Left is joining The People's Mach for Climate, Justice and Jobs - happening on Sunday 29 November in central London. Assembling in Hyde Park from 12noon.

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Agenda: Progressive Students Forum 2015, Saturday 10 October

7th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

Progressive Students Forum 2015 Fighting the Tories – to end austerity, racism, climate change and war Saturday 10 October | Student Central, London

Register your FREE place here. Invite your friends to the facebook event.

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Progressive Students Forum 2015: fighting the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war

30th September 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

Join the Student Broad Left on Saturday 10 October for this year’s Progressive Students Forum to discuss how we can build a movement to take on the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war.

Book your FREE place here.

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Why I am joining The People’s Climate March, and why ALL STUDENTS need to be there too!

12th September 2014

Peoples Climate March 2014

Matt Sellar, student of International Environment and Climate Change Law at Edinburgh University, looks ahead to the People’s Climate March and explains why students should join with thousands of people on the streets of London on Saturday 21 September to demand action on climate change.

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Caroline Lucas deserves a medal, not a criminal record, for opposing fracking

17th April 2014

Caroline Lucas court case

This week a court in Brighton will deliver its verdict on the Green party MP Caroline Lucas who is being prosecuted for causing an obstruction outside the Balcombe gas fracking site. The possibility that one of the most sensible politicians in parliament could receive a criminal record, rather than the medal she deserves, for standing up against greedy energy bosses tells us everything we need to know about the topsy-turvy state of British politics on the environment.

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The Tories are failing on promise to be “the greenest government ever”

8th February 2012

It is People and Planet's Go Green Week this week and climate week is just over a month away. Matt Stanley from Mid Kent College explains below that now is the time for us to take radical action on pollution and climate change.

When the Tory-led government took power in 2010 they promised us 'the greenest government ever', but time and time again they have failed to take action on the key issues. From attempting to cut solar feed-in tariffs to handing tax breaks to the most polluting industries in the country, the Tories seem more concerned by the profits of big businesses and energy companies than the real issues of social justice.

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Aaron Kiely: It is time to put people and planet before profit

6th April 2011

By Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students' Committee

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia said in 2007: “The world is suffering from a fever due to climate change, and the disease is the capitalist development model."

Capitalism is inherently unsustainable. You cannot have infinite growth with finite resources and the cost to human beings and the environment are already substantial and will only continue to grow. Capitalism can no more survive limits on growth than a person can live without breathing.

It is almost universally agreed that man-made climate change is the biggest threat we face, that it is the actions of human beings which are contributing to global warming which in turn will wreak havoc on the planet and the population. Read more

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Vigil for Fukushima – say no to nuclear power

18th March 2011

As the world watches in horror at the events unfolding at Fukushima in Japan, please join the vigil on Sunday to express our sympathy with those who may now be affected and call on the government to abandon plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK. Read more

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Report of Progressive Students 2015: building a fighting student movement to take on the Tories

20th October 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

On Saturday 10 October 2015, the Progressive Students Forum brought together leading student activists and campaigners to discuss the ways in which the broad left in the student movement can build a movement that takes on the Tories and opposes their agenda of austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war.

In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning and historic election victory in becoming leader of the Labour Party, it is clear that there are huge opportunities for the left to put forward a new kind of politics and win mass support. This sense of optimism made for a very upbeat and productive Progressive Students Forum.

The Forum was attended by over 60 students from 24 university and college campuses and was organized by the Student Broad Left. You can join the Student Broad Left here.

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Join the Student Broad Left – build a progressive, fighting student movement

30th September 2015

Free education

The Student Broad Left is a network of left activists campaigning for a progressive student movement – join us today to help us to strengthen the fightback against austerity, racism, bigotry, climate change and war. Join here today.

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Time To Act – National Climate Demo Saturday 7 March

6th March 2015

Time to act

On Saturday 7 March thousands of people will be marching through the streets of London to demand urgent action to tackle the international climate change crisis.

Student Broad Left will be joining the Student Assembly and People's Assembly Against Austerity on the 'no austerity - green jobs now' bloc.

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EVENT: Progressive Students National Forum 2014 – Saturday 4 October at University London Union

29th July 2014

UEA protest to oppose privatisation of student debt March 2014

Student Broad Left and the National Black Students’ Alliance are proud to present the fifth Progressive Students national event – ‘Fighting austerity, racism, climate change and war’ – taking place on Saturday 4 October 2014 from 10am at the University of London Union. Book your free place today here.

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Reclaim the Power – campaigners fight against fracking in Balcombe

19th August 2013

This weekend more than two thousand of campaigners joined the Reclaim the Power camp in Balcombe, Sussex to protest against fracking. The four day action camp, led by No Dash for Gas and supported by activist groups, featured talks, music, skill sharing workshops and mass action. The camp offered an opportunity for people to come together in a coordinated, determined effort to oppose fracking and the new dash for gas, with over a thousand people marching to the Cuadrilla drilling site on Sunday.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the process of drilling and injecting water mixed with sand and chemicals into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas. Fracking is part of the wider dash for gas which includes the construction of dozens of new gas-fired power stations and test drilling sites opening in Lancashire and Sussex. In America there have been over 1,000 documented cases of water contamination caused by fracking as well as cases of sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage due to contaminated water. Opposing this new dash for gas is not only an environmental issue, but also one of social justice.

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Young Greens, People & Planet and Friends of the Earth to speak on stopping climate chaos at the Progressive Students Conference

19th October 2011

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity and we are delighted that leading voices in the youth green movement will be joining the Progressive Students Conference line up this Saturday (22 October) at the University of London Union. We will be discussing how we can combat climate chaos and the importance of investing in a greener future.

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Young Greens back united left slate in NUS elections

5th April 2011

The Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party, have announced that they are endorsing the united left slate - For a Fighting NUS - in the upcoming NUS Full-time Officer elections during NUS conference 2011. Read more

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