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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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10,000 students kick start a new movement for free education: report of the demo & next steps

21st November 2014

Great photo of the demo

On Wednesday 19 November 10,000 students marched through London to kick start a new movement for free education.

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Progressive Students Forum 2014 report: building a fighting student movement

9th October 2014

International - view of the room

Last weekend’s Progressive Students Forum brought together a wide range of groups and people from across the student movement and discussed the serious ways in which the broad left in the student movement can deliver on our key priorities of fighting racism & bigotry, standing up for international peace and justice and for an alternative to austerity and cuts.

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National demonstration for free education called

3rd July 2014

A coalition of student groups and campaigns – including the Student Assembly Against Austerity, the Young Greens and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts - have come together to call a national demonstration on Wednesday 19 November.

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NUS backs free education, rejects fees and scraps support for a ‘graduate tax’

11th April 2014

Aaron Kiely at NUS National Conference

NUS National Conference 2014 voted for free education - despite the majority of the current NUS leadership opposing it with the NUS President and Vice President Higher Education speaking against it in the debate on Conference floor.

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Fighting the privatization of student loans – priority no.1 for the student movement

5th December 2013

Student debt

Student Broad Left is calling upon all progressive forces in the student movement to come together and oppose this disgraceful attack on millions of people, including the National Union of Students (NUS).

Moreover, we call upon everyone to get active in the campaign to stop the government in their tracks by getting behind and mobilising for the Student Assembly Against Austerity national week of action which is happening in February and already has 32 campuses involved.

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‘Bring Back EMA’ – key campaigning priority post success of #demo2012

6th December 2012

Last month a coalition of over 100 student leaders launched the Bring Back EMA Campaign which seeks to build a broad and active campaign to put pressure on the government to re-instate the Education Maintenance Allowance, which was shamefully scrapped in 2010 despite enormous opposition from students and the wider public.

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2 weeks to go until #demo2012: mobilise against fees & cuts

9th November 2012

By Matt Stanley, NUS NEC & President of Midkent College SU

There are now less than two weeks to go until tens of thousands of students march on Parliament to show our anger at the Tory-led government’s disastrous assault on education. We are marching to tell the government to scrap fees and cuts, to increase spending on education and bring back EMA.

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Free #demo2012 posters now available – order for freshers week

11th September 2012

With freshers week underway or just around the corner at colleges and universities across Britain now is the perfect time to start promoting the national demo amongst students.

The NUS Black Students’ Campaign has these produced a fantastic, customisable for local details, #Demo2012 posters to be distributed throughout the student movement.

Order free posters for your campus now by contacting NUS Black Students’ Officer at with your name, position, college/university, postal address and phone number.

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All out for free education on #Nov19 – build the national demo!

17th November 2014

SAAA demo facebook profile

Thousands of students will be marching through the streets of London this Wednesday (19 November) – in what is expected to be the biggest student protest since tuition fees were trebled in 2010.

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NUS supports free education national demo & pledges to mobilise for TUC demo!

16th September 2014

10,000 march on NUS demo2012

Today the NUS National Executive voted to support the national demonstration for free education which is taking place on Wednesday 19 November. NUS also decided to mobilise for a strong contingent of students to join the TUC national demonstration which is taking place on Saturday 18 October.

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NATIONAL DEMO, SAT 21 JUNE: Stand Up For Education – No More Austerity!

29th May 2014

No More austerity national demo

Join the People's Assembly, trade unions, anti-cuts campaigners and progressives in a national demonstration on Saturday 21 June to reject the government's vicious austerity agenda.

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Student Broad Left’s guide to NUS Conference 2014

7th April 2014

Download Student Broad Left's guide to NUS National Conference 2014, with articles from student leaders on key debates and guide to motions at national conference!

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Get active to Bring Back EMA

13th March 2013

Next week hundreds of students will be participating in the Bring Back EMA National Day of Action on Tuesday 19 March – the day before Tory Chancellor George Osborne delivers his budget to Parliament.

This national day of action will see more than 10 campuses - from Gateshead to Birmingham - doing stunts, banner drops, petitioning MPs and more in a bid to raise the profile of the campaign to bring back EMA and put pressure on George Osborne and MPs ahead of the budget.

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NCAFC Conference Dec 2012: Student Broad Left motions

5th December 2012

The National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts National Conference is taking place this weekend in Birmingham (8 & 9 December 2012).

The Student Broad Left looks forward to this opportunity to unite the student left to take on the Tories, austerity and fight for the alternative – free education.

The motions we are putting forward to the discussion are: 1) We need left unity to demand a fighting NUS: take on the Tories & austerity 2) Bring Back EMA! 3) Venezuela shows there is an alternative: free education as a right 4) Fund Education Not War – Scrap Trident, Scrap Fees!

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Taking on the government’s assault on education & young people – all out on the NUS #demo2012 on 21 November

5th November 2012

Two years on from the enormous wave of student resistance in 2010, which saw tens of thousands of students protesting outside Parliament and occupying their campuses against the proposal to treble tuition fees, students are getting ready to take the streets of London once more in a national demonstration to defend education on Wednesday 21 November.

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