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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Conference: Building the national student movement for Palestine

9th October 2014

Palestine demo

This weekend on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October student activists from campuses across the country will be gathering in Sheffield a national conference to discuss and plan ‘Building the National Student Movement for Palestine’. Come along and join the discussion!

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Viva Palestina: Latin America in solidarity with Gaza

8th August 2014

Chavez Palestine

In contrast with western complicity with Israel’s attack on Gaza, Venezuela and its allies are offering concrete help to Palestine, says Matthew Willgress of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. This article was first published in the Morning Star.

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Why NUS should oppose Israel’s assault on Gaza & join the growing global movement in solidarity with Palestine

4th August 2014


Today the National Executive Council of the National Union of Students will be debating Palestine and the student movement’s response to Israel’s ongoing horrific assault on Gaza. NUS National Executive member Aaron Kiely explains why NUS should back justice for Palestine.

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British students stand with Gaza against Israel’s assault & siege: statement from over 100 student leaders

30th July 2014

Palestine flag

On 29 July 2014, the student movement issued a powerful united statement in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Amongst the signatories are National Union of Students Officers representing millions of students across Britain and over 100 pro-Palestine student leaders and activists from colleges and universities. The statement follows a wide array of solidarity activities that have taken place in recent weeks in protest of Israel’s brutal offensive in Gaza.

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National Demo for Gaza – Free Palestine! Saturday 19th July 2014

16th July 2014

Free Palestine demo

NATIONAL DEMO FOR GAZA - FREE PALESTINE! Date: Saturday 19th July Time: midday Location: Opposite 10 Downing Street, Whitehall
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Students in solidarity with Palestine: NUS condemns Israel’s siege on Gaza

27th November 2012

The National Union of Students – which represents 7 million students in Britain – today made the landmark decision to “condemn and call for an immediate end to the siege on Gaza” by a unanimous vote of the NUS National Executive Council.

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Stop Israel’s assault on Gaza

19th November 2012

Israel’s assault on Gaza is causing massive death and destruction, as one of the world’s most powerful militaries attacks an almost defenceless Gazan population living under siege.

More than 100 Palestinians, including children, women and civilians, have been killed since Israel’s air strikes began. Three Israelis have been killed during the past week.

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NUS backs Palestine: Student Unions urged to boycott companies that benefit from Israel’s illegal occupation

9th January 2012

In an unprecedented move, the National Union of Students has taken steps to support Palestinian human rights by urging Student Unions to boycott Eden Springs and Veolia – two companies that are directly implicated in maintaining the occupation and are currently operating on British campuses.

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National Union of Students backing Palestine, backing the boycott

8th August 2014


By Aaron Kiely, NUS NEC

The National Union of Students – which represents 7 million students in the UK – have voted to condemn Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza, demand the siege on Gaza is lifted, demand the UK government stop arming Israel and call upon the student movement to boycott companies and corporations that facilitate Israel’s military capacity, human rights abuses and illegal settlement activity.

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National Demo for Gaza – Saturday 9 August

7th August 2014

National demo GAZA august 14

National demo for Gaza Stop the killing - end the siege - US & UK stop arming Israel now! Saturday 9 August Assemble at midday outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA For march to Hyde Park via the US Embassy

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Oxford University student Barnaby Raine takes on argument that opposition to Israel is anti-Semitic

30th July 2014

Barnaby Raine, a student from Oxford University and one of the organisers of the Jewish Bloc that marched on the London demonstration for Gaza in July 2014 was interviewed about allegations of anti-Semitism on pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Sky News. Here we share the video of his interview.

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The British student movement standing in solidarity with Palestine!

24th July 2014

Women's Officer and others

Tens of thousands of British students and young people are joining the marches, protests and vigils for Gaza.

Here is a snap shot of solidarity from the British student movement to date.

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Exclusive interview: Palestinian student Malaka Shwaikh on her journey from Gaza to becoming the next Education Officer of Sheffield University SU

12th June 2014


Student Broad Left is proud to present this exclusive interview with Malaka Shwaikh, a Palestinian student who arrived at Sheffield University in the autumn of 2013, having broken the siege on Gaza to reach her destination. Just a few months later, in March of this year Malaka stood to be the next Education Officer at the Students’ Union. And she won - with the greatest number of votes ever cast for a candidate in the history of Students’ Union elections at Sheffield. She begins her new job, representing over 24,000 students at Sheffield University in a couple of weeks time.

As the opening paragraph of Malaka’s manifesto hints to, her journey to become the next Education Officer of Sheffield University Students’ Union was one of struggle and determination:

“My name is Malaka and I am a Masters student from Gaza City, Palestine, studying Global Politics and Law. I believe students’ unions can change lives. First-hand experience has taught me that student politicians working as a team can have a transformative impact. If the Students’ Union here at Sheffield didn’t lobby the University for a fee waiver, I would not be here.”

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Support SOAS student occupiers for Gaza!

20th November 2012

Dear SOAS Occupiers,

We congratulate and salute your brave stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, who continue to face an unrelenting bombardment from one of the world’s most powerful militaries.

As Desmond Tutu once said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

At a time when the British media is absurdly attempting to present Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza as an equal war, in which the Palestinians are just as responsible as Israel, your actions in occupying SOAS will help shatter these lies and raise greater understanding of what is actually happening in Gaza.

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Freshers’ Fairs 2012: Get active to support Stop the War & Palestine Solidarity Campaign

21st August 2012

With the US and Britain continuing to spend billions of pounds waging war on Afghanistan, intervening to de-stabilise Syria and threatening to bomb Iran, it is vital that students actively support movements for peace and justice. What better place to start than the first week back at university or college?

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