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Sunday, 22nd April 2018

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The NUS NEC members that voted against UN resolutions on Palestine

23rd September 2011

Yesterday, 22 September 2011, the National Union of Students (NUS) National Executive Council (NEC) shamefully voted down a proposal to support ending the illegal occupation of Palestine in line with UN resolutions and an end to the brutual siege on Gaza.

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Get Palestine in the charts – Buy ‘Freedom for Palestine’ now!

8th July 2011

Do not miss the chance to help get Palestine into the UK Top 40 this Sunday! You have just over 24 hours left to play your part - buy 'Freedom for Palestine' from iTunes, Amazon or HMV now!

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The winds of change: more good news for Palestine from British student movement

19th May 2011

The movement in solidarity with Palestine is growing stronger by the day – with even more good news from the British student movement as the winds of change originating from the Arab revolutions continue to transform the world – including the NUS! Read more

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End the siege on Gaza now – Egyptian revolution will open the gates of Rafah

12th May 2011

By Fiona Edwards, Student Officer Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The announcement that Egypt will end its complicity with Israel’s siege on Gaza is extremely good news for the Palestinians and all those who support peace, justice, equality and human rights across the world.

The significance of Egypt’s new foreign policy and orientation toward supporting basic Palestinian human rights must not be underestimated.

Israel’s brutal siege on Gaza has denied the Palestinians their basic human rights for 5 years.

The blockade, illegal under international law, cuts the Palestinians trapped in Gaza off from the outside world and severely limits basic supplies from entering such as food, safe water and medicine - making life intolerable for the 1.5 million people living there.

The Palestinians right to education has been particularly hard hit by the siege. Basic educational equipment including books, paper, computers, stationary and desks are all in limited supply and Israel routinely cuts off Gaza’s electricity supply for several hours every day.

The siege has also prevented serious reconstruction of Gaza’s educational infrastructure from taking place since Israel’s war on Gaza: cement to rebuild homes, schools, hospitals and universities reduced to rubble during Operation Cast Lead has not been allowed to cross the border into Gaza.

Consequently the situation in Gaza has been defined as a “humanitarian crisis” by leading international human rights and humanitarian organisations including Human Rights Watch, UNRWA, Amnesty International and the World Health Organisation.

Khaled Al-Mudallal is the Student Officer for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and is from Gaza is very optimistic about the new developments, which could lead to the siege on Gaza ending altogether.

He said: ”Egypt's decision to open the crossing is the first step to lift the siege completely on Gaza, this will bring hope to many Gazans’ who haven't been able to return to Gaza due to the harsh Israeli siege for more than 4 years. I hope that Egyptian people stand side to side with their Palestinian people in order to break the siege on Gaza and let the Palestinians enjoy their democratic choice in their forthcoming elections.”

With the Egyptian revolution’s move to end its complicity with the siege there is now the opportunity to end the human suffering and start to rebuild all that was destroyed during Israel’s war on Gaza over 2 years ago.

The new Palestinian unity between Fatah and Hamas is another hugely significant and positive development in the Palestinian struggle for freedom. Egypt played a crucial role in facilitating the discussions for the unity agreement – in contrast to the role that the former Mubarak regime played of actively sabotaging Palestinian unity - yet another achievement of the young revolution.

Get active with the international movement to free Gaza

The revolutionary changes sweeping the Middle East have already transformed the prospects for Palestinian liberation. Now more than ever international pressure for Israel to end the siege on Gaza must be strengthened – and we all have a part to play.

Sending convoys of aid to break the blockade has proved a very effective way of focusing the world’s attention on the Palestinians in Gaza and the inhumane siege that Israel has kept them under for the last 5 years.

One year ago, in May 2010, hundreds of peace campaigners and human rights activists joined together in an international effort to break the siege by sea to deliver aid. Israel launched a deadly military assault on the peaceful mission and killed nine civilians in international waters.

The international response to Israel’s massacre on the Mavi Marmara was unprecedented: governments across the world condemned Israel’s violence and also called for an end to the siege – including the British government. Awareness about Israel’s collective punishment of the people in Gaza massively increased as a result.

The next ‘Gaza flotilla’ sets off this June - with hundreds taking part from across the world including human rights activists, peace campaigns and European Union parliamentarians – on a mission to deliver school materials, medical equipment and construction equipment to the Gaza strip. This is a mission students need to get fully behind – sign up to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign weekly update to find out how. It is also not too late to apply to join the flotilla itself – check out for more info.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign also has a ‘End the Siege on Gaza’ petition which calls on the British government to ensure it actively ensures that the blockade is lifted – sign it today.

This weekend there are a number of important actions in support of the Palestinians - get involved and spread the word!

End the Siege on Gaza – Free Palestine Protest

Saturday 14th May, 12noon, Downing Street Called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, CND, Palestinian Forum in Britain

Solidarity with Palestine – From Nakba to Intifada public meeting

Friday 13th May, 6.30pm-9pm, University of London Union Organised by the Equality Movement Speakers include Lowkey, George Galloway, Karma Nabulsi (former PLO representative), Yael Kahn (anti-Zionist Israeli activist), Sarah Colborne (eye witness from the Mavi Mamara) and Jody McIntyre

Demonstration in solidarity with Palestine outside the Israeli Embassy

Sunday 15th May, 12noon Organised by the Equality Movement

Seeds of revolution at University of Birmingham

1st February 2011

Adam O’Connell documents how the Left at Birmingham University has made significant gains at what has historically been one of most right wing Student Unions in the country. He describes the ongoing struggle for progressive politics on campus – and the lessons activists across the country can learn from their success. Read more

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Palestine Papers: Only authentic leaders can deliver a Middle East peace

27th January 2011

This week's leaks have exposed the dangerous folly of US and British attempts to control and divide the Palestinians. Seumas Milne writes in today's Guardian on how revelations underlined the point that only authentic, democratically elected leaders can deliver peace and justice for the Palestinians. Read more

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A new generation of leaders rises to fight the Tories – Shadia Edwards-Dashti speaks on the Day of the Vote

16th December 2010

The Tory assault on students has had one unintended consequence: it has thrown up a new generation of political leaders willing to take them on.

Shadia Edwards-Dashti, a first year student at SOAS, is one of them.

Shadia made a passionate, angry speech at the national demonstration outside ULU on 9th December. She has found our political voice and we are not afraid to use it. Her message is 'fund education not war'. Read more

Why NUS should back UN resolutions on Palestine

21st September 2011

By Aaron Kiely, NUS NEC

This week the National Executive Council of the National Union of Students will be debating Palestine. I hope to persuade my colleagues to support a proposal I have put forward - alongside other NUS NEC members including the LGBT Officer and Black Students’ Officer-, which would commit NUS to oppose the illegal occupation of Palestine and also call for an end to the siege on Gaza.

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A special message from Jeremy Corbyn MP: join the campaign for justice for Palestine

6th July 2011

Here we share a special message from Jeremy Corbyn MP on why you should join the campaign for justice for Palestine. Click here to join the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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NUS votes to support freedom for Palestine and condemns siege on Gaza

18th May 2011

Yesterday the National Union of Students (NUS) finally took the decision to support Palestinian human rights and strongly condemn Israel’s siege on Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank at its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

The new policy commits NUS to support the Palestinians’ right to education by building links with students at the Islamic University of Gaza and to send an NUS delegation on future convoys to the Gaza strip. Read more

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Celebrate Palestine: Stories of the Resistance festival – 19th-20th March 2011

15th March 2011

The inspirational resistance of the Palestinian people to years of occupation, war and most recently the siege on Gaza will be celebrated at a Festival hosted by SOAS Palestine Society and supported by various organisations including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign this weekend. Don't miss it! Read more

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Israeli troops reveal their views on Gaza war

28th January 2011

In a film, broadcast on Channel 4 news earlier this week, Israeli soldiers reveal in revolting detail their experiences of invading Gaza in 2008/09 and the part they played in massacring of over 1,400 Palestinians.

The revelations include how soldiers were ordered to “cleanse” Palestinians neighbourhoods. This is the first time IDF soldiers have shared their views on Operation Cast Lead on camera.

This is a must see video – please share it. Read more

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End the siege on Gaza – Viva Palestina!

14th January 2011

Israel’s war on Gaza is continuing, using its brutal and illegal blockade to collectively punish 1.5 million people. The Palestinians in Gaza are cut off from the outside world and denied access to food, safe water, medicine, their right to education and all basic supplies necessary for human survival.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Rally for Gaza - taking place on Tuesday 18th January, 7pm at Conway Hall, London – will be a chance to remember Israel’s war on Gaza and discuss the next steps in the international campaign to break the siege. We hope to see you there. . Read more

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