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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Statement: Students of Britain and Ireland in solidarity with Venezuela

31st March 2015

US go home

Student leaders in Britain and Ireland stand in solidarity with Venezuela, against US aggression.

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Viva Palestina: Latin America in solidarity with Gaza

8th August 2014

Chavez Palestine

In contrast with western complicity with Israel’s attack on Gaza, Venezuela and its allies are offering concrete help to Palestine, says Matthew Willgress of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. This article was first published in the Morning Star.

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Showing Solidarity with Those Building A Better World

3rd December 2013

Latin America conference 2013 Aaron Kiely previews the Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference 2013 taking place this Saturday (7th December) at Congress House. The Latin America is now in its 9th year, and offers a unique opportunity to hear all about the latest developments in the region.  Read more

Upcoming Venezuela solidarity national and campus events – April 2013

23rd April 2013

There are a number of exciting Venezuela solidarity initiatives taking place over the coming week on campuses across London – come along to one and find out more about the revolutionary transformations taking place in Latin America today.

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Right-Wing Steps Up Destabilisation Efforts in Venezuela

8th January 2013

Respect the democratic will of the Venezuelan people - no to right-wing destabilisation plans Venue & Time: 7pm, Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DL With: Ambassador Samuel Moncada, Tariq Ali (writer,) Karen Mitchell (VSC,) & Jeremy Corbyn MP

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on Friday (4 January) that President Hugo Chávez's new term of office will begin this Thursday 10 January, in line with the country’s Constitution. Hugo Chávez won a record number of votes to be re-elected President with a landslide 55% last October.

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EVENT: Hugo Chavez & Socialism in the 21st Century – Showing there is an alternative

27th November 2012

Student Friends of Venezuela presents: Hugo Chavez & Socialism in the 21st Century – Showing there is an alternative

SOAS Main Building, Russell Square Campus 7pm, Thursday 27 November

Come and hear eyewitness reports from the recent re-election of Hugo Chavez.

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1st November 2012

Over 100 people packed out Bolivar Hall in London for a meeting marking Black History Month on how social progress in Venezuela under the government of Hugo Chávez has benefited the Black communities in Venezuela and the wider Caribbean.

Leading anti-racist campaigner Doreen Lawrence and Dianne Abbott MP both reported on their recent visit to Venezuela as official elections observers where they witnessed the landslide victory of Hugo Chavez.

Opening the meeting, organised by the NUS Black Students campaign and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Student’s Officer, said

“Historically Latin America has been dominated by slavery, colonialism and, in many cases, the extermination of its original inhabitants. But today it is a place that is inspiring people across the world as an alternatives to cuts, inequality and scape-goating we are seeing in Europe.

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VICTORY TO CHAVEZ: Millions demonstrate support for Hugo Chavez on streets of Caracas ahead of Presidential election

5th October 2012

Millions of Hugo Chavez supporters rallied on the streets of Caracas yesterday to demonstrate their support for his campaign to be re-elected as President of Venezuela on Sunday, in the biggest demonstration Venezuela has ever seen.

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Showing Solidarity with Those Building A Better World in Latin America

25th November 2014

Student Broad Left previews the Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference 2014 taking place on Saturday November 29 at Congress House. The Conference is now in its 10th year, and offers a unique opportunity to hear all about the latest developments in the region.

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British students condemn wave of opposition led violence in Venezuela

17th February 2014

British students have published the following statement of solidarity condemning of wave of right wing, opposition led violence in Venezuela.
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Student activists inspired by Venezuela’s Revolution

2nd August 2013

A number of student activists went on a delegation to visit Venezuela earlier this summer to witness the twenty first century socialism which is being built in the country.

Some of the student activists from the delegation gave their impression of the social transformation underway in Venezuela at a Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC) meeting July.

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Hugo Chavez proved another world is possible

6th March 2013

We send our condolences to Hugo Chavez’s family and the people on Venezuela on the sad news that Chavez has died. 7 days of mourning has begun in Venezuela, with enormous numbers lining the streets of Caracas today.

Hugo Chavez was an example. An inspiration. A beacon of hope. A signal of what’s possible in this world. A northern star for the poor and the wretched of the earth in Venezuela and across the globe.

Massively reducing poverty, eradicating illiteracy, expanding healthcare and education to millions of people in Venezuela in just 14 years is his legacy.

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NCAFC Conference Dec 2012: Student Broad Left motions

5th December 2012

The National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts National Conference is taking place this weekend in Birmingham (8 & 9 December 2012).

The Student Broad Left looks forward to this opportunity to unite the student left to take on the Tories, austerity and fight for the alternative – free education.

The motions we are putting forward to the discussion are: 1) We need left unity to demand a fighting NUS: take on the Tories & austerity 2) Bring Back EMA! 3) Venezuela shows there is an alternative: free education as a right 4) Fund Education Not War – Scrap Trident, Scrap Fees!

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Taking on the government’s assault on education & young people – all out on the NUS #demo2012 on 21 November

5th November 2012

Two years on from the enormous wave of student resistance in 2010, which saw tens of thousands of students protesting outside Parliament and occupying their campuses against the proposal to treble tuition fees, students are getting ready to take the streets of London once more in a national demonstration to defend education on Wednesday 21 November.

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EVENT: Celebrating the advances for Black communities in the new Venezuela

22nd October 2012

The re-election of Hugo Chavez earlier this month underlined once again how it is Latin America that is the beacon of hope in the world for all those looking for alternatives to austerity.

His landslide re-election was the 15th election since Hugo Chavez came to office in 1999. His coalition of supporters has won all but one of these elections showing how policies that put ordinary people first can win broad support.

Whilst Venezuela’s amazing achievements in access to free education and free healthcare are increasingly becoming a reference point, what is less know about Venezuela is how its struggle for equality has meant that it has had to place anti-racism at the heart of its struggles.

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