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Friday, 23rd March 2018

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Re-elect Hareem for NUS Women’s Officer

27th March 2017

Hareem for women officer

The NUS Women's Campaign Conference starts tomorrow. Student Broad Left is support Hareem Ghani for a second term.

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End demand for sexual exploitation – why NUS must join the women’s movement & campaign for the Sex Buyer Law

2nd December 2014

End Demand Campaign

A new campaign has been launched calling on the UK government to end demand for sex trafficking and exploitation through prostitution by adopting the Sex Buyer Law.

On Wednesday 3 December, the National Union of Students (NUS) National Executive will debate a very controversial motion which calls for the campaign to ‘End Demand’ for sexual exploitation be opposed. The motion resolves to “campaign against any attempt to introduce the Nordic Model into the UK.”

Student Broad Left calls upon members of the NUS National Executive to reject this motion and instead rally behind the vital ‘End Demand’ campaign instead. As students we should play our part in the movement to end sexual exploitation and the endemic violence against women associated with the ‘sex industry’.

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Women’s Assembly Against Austerity – join the fightback!

20th February 2014

Women's assembly against austerity facebook banner picture

Join leading women students, trade unionists, campaigners, activists and experts at the Women’s Assembly Against Austerity on Saturday 22 February to co-ordinate the fight-back against the government’s savage cuts and the inequality that comes along with them.

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Happy LGBT History Month 2013!

5th February 2013

This February marks the 9th annual LGBT History Month.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month was initiated in 2005 by Schools Out – an organisation that campaigns against LGBT discrimination in education – in the wake of the abolition of Section 28, the Tory amendment that prevented the “promotion of homosexuality in schools” for 15 years. This Tory amendment created the invisibility of LGBT people within schools and created an environment where homophobia, biphobia and transphobia were allowed to run rampant.

Anyone under the illusion that LGBT discrimination no longer exists need only look to the homophobia surrounding the debate on gay marriage.

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‘No to Lap Dancing Club in Sheffield City centre’ says Sheffield Women’s Campaign

18th January 2013

The Women’s Officer at Sheffield University Students’ Union is leading a campaign to stop Sheffield City Council from approving an application to open a new Lap Dancing Venue in Sheffield City centre, just minutes away from the University campus.

Fighting the proliferation of lap dancing clubs is central to the fight against sexism in today’s society.

Lap dancing clubs normalise the sexual objectification of women, create ‘no go’ areas for women and are a form of commercial sexual exploitation.

Hundreds of lap dancing clubs have been allowed to open over the past decade – main-streaming the idea that it is acceptable to view women as objects – to be bought by men. This main-streaming of the sexual objectification of women in turn feeds the oppression, exploitation and violence against women which is so rampant in British society.

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Diversity not discrimination: Oppose redundancy of only Black lecturer of Sociology at Birmingham University

9th November 2012

Students at Birmingham University are campaigning against the redundancy facing Dr Jose Nafafe, a highly-respected lecturer, the only Black permanent member of academic staff in the university’s sociology department and the only specialist in ethnicity in the department.

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Students rally for Latin America’s 21st century socialism & against austerity, fees, racism, inequality & war – report from Student Fightback 2012

18th October 2012

How to take on the Tories’ attacks on education and build a progressive anti-racist, anti-imperialist student movement was discussed at the Student Fightback 2012 Conference, organised by the Student Broad Left and the National Black Students’ Alliance.

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NUS Conference 2012: Liberation Campaigns set the agenda for a fighting NUS

29th April 2012

By Aaron Kiely, NUS NEC & Campaign Manager for NUS Presidential Candidate Kanja Sesay

This week at NUS National Conference, NUS Liberation Officers Kanja Sesay and Vicki Baars succeeded in transforming the agenda within NUS to take on the Tories’ cuts and challenge racist scapegoating.

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Progressive Students Forum 2015: fighting the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war

30th September 2015

The Progressive Students Forum 2015

Join the Student Broad Left on Saturday 10 October for this year’s Progressive Students Forum to discuss how we can build a movement to take on the Tories, austerity, racism, climate change and war.

Book your FREE place here.

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Student Broad Left’s guide to NUS Conference 2014

7th April 2014

Download Student Broad Left's guide to NUS National Conference 2014, with articles from student leaders on key debates and guide to motions at national conference!

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Caroline Lucas MP: Stop sexism, no more page 3 in Parliament!

12th June 2013

Caroline Lucas MP called for The Sun newspaper to be removed from outlets across Parliament until the paper’s editor responds to the calls to scrap Page 3, today (Weds 12 June 2013). Caroline has taken an important stand against sexism in the workplace with this move. Student Broad Left supports campaigns for The Sun to be removed from all shops on our college and university campuses.

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Matt Stanley #1 for NUS Vice President Further Education

21st January 2013

Student Broad Left is proud to support founder of the Bring Back EMA Campaign and NUS NEC member, Matt Stanley, for NUS Vice President Further Education. Here we share his draft manifesto and initial supporters list. Please contact Matt directly to add your name to his supporters list and volunteer to join his campaign team.

"I am pleased and excited to announce that I will be standing for NUS Vice President Further Education at this year’s NUS National Conference, taking place in Sheffield this April.

I’m standing to turn NUS around. We need a national union that fights to defend students against the enormous assault we are facing from the Tory-led government.

As NUS VP Further Education I would take the fight to the Tories – uniting our movement behind a serious campaign to force a government u-turn to bring back EMA. I stand for an NUS that actively builds massive opposition to cuts and fees – and for the student movement to link up with other progressive movements in fighting racism, inequality, climate change and war.

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Defend Abortion Rights: Posh-Party-Picket for Choice, Weds 16 January 2013

8th January 2013

The anti-choice group, Alliance of Pro-Life Students, is launching their “first year of student pro-life outreach” with a posh party the likes of which few students can realistically afford. Join Abortion Rights to show them what we think of them toasting our rights away with overpriced champagne and canapés!

The Posh-Party-Picket for Choice takes place on Wednesday 16 January 2013 at 6.30pm. Outside the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, Bryanston Street, W1H 7EH.

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Sinn Féin’s alternative to austerity: jobs, growth & social justice

23rd October 2012

Student Broad Left was delighted to welcome Sinn Féin’s Senator Kathryn Reilly to speak at ‘Student Fightback 2012’ on Saturday 13 October.

She spoke in a session called ‘Europe Against Austerity’ and outlined what the alternative to failing austerity policies which are leading to rising unemployment and declining living standards for ordinary people across Europe. Kathryn explained that instead of savage cuts, we need investment to create jobs, economic growth and to protect vital public services that the majority rely upon.

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National Student Broad Left Planning Meeting – Saturday 30 June 2012 – central London

13th June 2012

The next Student Broad Left national planning meeting takes place on Saturday 30 June, starting 11am prompt (feel free to come any time from 10.30) at Conway Hall, central London.

The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss how we can continue to build campaigns against cuts, fees, racism & war and for liberation, equality and international justice.

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