For a fighting NUS – against cuts, racism, imperialism and war

Friday, 23rd March 2018

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What We Stand For

The student broad left is a network of left activists campaigning for a progressive student movement. We believe that in order to win its demands, the student movement must be part of a much broader alliance involving the trade unions and labour movement, all oppressed groups and all other movements for social justice. Equally the student movement must fully support the struggles of the most oppressed sections of society in Britain and internationally. We organise around a set of broad aims and objectives, outlined below, and build the broadest alliances on a principled basis with individuals and groups where we agree.

● Support for free, state funded further and higher education. For living maintenance grants and total opposition to all fees and charges for education. No to a two-tier education system. For the maximum student mobilisation in opposition to such attacks on education and for the broadest unity with trade unions and the wider labour movement.

● An alternative economic policy to fund an expansion of education, based upon reversing the transfer of wealth from the poorest to the richest sections of society which took place under the Tories and continued under New Labour, including: a progressive taxation system; a reduction of dividend payments (money made through shares); increases in corporation tax and the reduction of military spending to the West European average.

● For solidarity with black communities in fighting racism. For a leading role of the black community in anti-racism campaigning and unity between the black communities, Jewish communities, labour movement, students and all anti-racists in opposing racism. For anti-racism to be a central priority for NUS. Support for organisations including the Student Assembly Against Racism (SAAR) and the National Black Students’ Alliance.

● Defend public services: no to privatisation and PFI/PPP. Solidarity with those fighting to defend the welfare state in Britain and throughout Europe.

● For a democratic NUS. Opposition to any moves to undermine annual conference as the sovereign decision-making body. For a representative NUS.

● Oppose every manifestation of exploitation and oppression. Fight racism, sexism, homophobia, disability discrimination and all forms of bigotry. For a woman’s right to choose.

● Support for self-organisation and increased representation for oppressed groups in society. Defend the autonomy of the NUS Liberation campaigns which should be properly resourced.

● Opposition to the US war drive: For the broadest possible anti-war movement including full support for the alliance between Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and British Muslim Initiative (BMI).

● International solidarity: opposition to the IMF-inspired free-market policies which are devastating Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Russia and Eastern Europe. For the cancellation of ‘debt’ of the poorest countries. Support for anti-imperialist struggles and the socially progressive and democratic movements advancing in Venezuela and other Latin American countries. Oppose the US blockade of Cuba and the
occupation of Iraq.

● End the occupation of Palestine: for self-determination for the Palestinian people; for
peace based on justice and the full implementation of international law including UN resolutions and human rights laws.

● Justice for Ireland: for equality, civil rights and a just peace. For the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Support for Irish self-determination and to bring an end to Britain’s role in that country.

● Defence of civil liberties: opposition to ‘anti-terror’ legislation and ID cards; no to the use of CS gas and plastic bullets; justice
for the victims of racist attacks and murders, police brutality and deaths in police custody. For the right to strike and protest.